With “Attack On Titan” Season 2 Release Date And Official Trailer Yet To Be Revealed, Unofficial Footage Leaked Online

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The Uprising
Attack on Titan: End of the World
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The "Attack On Titan" Season 2 release date is set in summer 2016 and with no information on official trailer release an unofficial video clip has leaked online.

The "Attack On Titan" was split into two parts, the first part was premiered in August and the second part "Attack on Titan: End of the World," was premiered in September. While "Attack On Titan" Season 2 release date and trailer are eagerly expected an unofficial so called trailer is uploaded in YouTube on October 1, according to Latin Post.   

"Upon discovering a Titan hidden inside the Wall, Pastor Nick desperately requests that Squad Leader Hanji Zoe cover it before sunlight can make it active. Questions arise... questions to which humanity may not be ready to hear the answers," wrote Sarah Tilgner in the YouTube video.

The "Attack On Titan" Season 2 which will be covering the fifth story "Clash of Titans" arc will feature the Titans encompassed inside the walls and 104 trainees' squad will be fighting them brutally for mere survival. The trainees will be seen fighting hard not knowing that the Titans are originally members of their own team. Eren who finds this out later though shocked takes them on a decisive battle, reported KPop Starz.

"The sixth story arc of the 'Attack on Titan' series, "The Uprising" arc follows the event of the fifth arc, wherein the situation inside Wall Rose becomes critical after the killing of Pastor Nick and the kidnapping of Eren and Historia. After finding out about the king's actions that would put humanity in jeopardy, Erwin begins his plan as he and his group try to execute a coup d'etat against the government."

As of now, the "Attack On Titan" Season 2 release date is scheduled in summer 2016 and the official trailer will probably be released late this year or early next year.

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