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Han Eun Jung Joins The Tribe On "Law Of The Jungle"

BY Joan MacDonald | Aug 19, 2013 01:54 PM EDT


Actress Han Eun Jung, who appeared in the dramas "The Gumiho's Revenge," Cinderella's Man" and "The Lawyers of the Great Republic," will join the cast of the SBS show "Law of the Jungle."

The reality-documentry is a blend of nature documentary and dramatic human interaction as celebrity team members attempt to survive on their own in rugged circumstances. So far, the show has been to the Amazon/Galapagos, Siberia, North Russia, Madagascar, Namibia, New Zealand, Nepal, the Caribbean and the Himalayas.

Each season has a theme. For example, the Caribbean season focused on perseverance.

This season the cast will travel to the African savannah, so the show will be named "Law of the Jungle in Savannah."

Han expressed her enthusiasm about her new role at a recent press conference at the home of the show's host, comedian and actor Kim Byung Man. Kim has appeared in several dramas, including "The Queen of the Office," "Oohlala Spouses," "What Is Mom?" and "Athena: Goddess of War." He is the head of the "Law of the Jungle" clan and considers the other cast members to be his tribe.

Han is honored to be joining the tribe.

"I'm appreciate the chance to go somewhere like this with great people," said Han. "I think we'll be great friends once we get to know each other."

The team she joins will include fixed cast members such as comedian Noh Woo Jin and comedian and actor Ryu Dam. Other new cast members include actor Lee Kyu Han, who played the ex-boyfriend in "My Lovely Kim Sam Soon," actor Jung Tae Woo, who is known for appearing in historical dramas such as "The King and I," and singer-actor Kim Won Jun, who appeared in "You Who Rolled in Unexpectedly."

 "I don't know what I will have to do once I get there but I'll try to stay out of everyone's way and not cause any trouble," said Han.

Besides its regular shows, "Law of the Jungle" has special programs, including "Law of the Jungle W" with an all-female cast and "Law of the Jungle K" which features celebrities with children.

Past celebrity guests have included singer Ricky Kim, ZE:A's Hwang Kwang Hee, actress Park Si Yeon, 2AM's youngest member Jung Jin Woon, actress Park Bo Young, and Infinite's Sung Yeol.

The show has seen some controversy with Park Bo Young's CEO claiming that the entire show was faked.

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