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Kim Bo Mi Joins Top-Rated "The Master's Sun"

BY Joan MacDonald | Aug 22, 2013 11:08 AM EDT


Actress Kim Bo Mi will appear in an upcoming episode of "The Master's Sun," the drama that continues to top the ratings for its time slot. The SBS drama reached 16.2 percent in the ratings this week distancing itself even further from the competition. In the same time slot, the MBC drama "Two Weeks" earned 8.1 percent, while "Blade and the Petal" pulled in 6.3 percent.

The drama is earning high ratings among viewers because of its sharp dialogue and funny situations. That the dialogue is quick paced and amusing is no surprise since the drama was written by the Hong Sisters, the writing duo responsible for "You're Beautiful," "The Greatest Love" and "My Girlfriend is a Gumiho."

Part of the show's success is also due the comic timing of actress Gong Hye Jin, playing a woman who is tortured by her ability to see ghosts, and actor So Ji Sub, playing a man who starts out not believing in them but who eventually comes to acknowledge their existence. That's a good development since he has a ghost of his own that he needs to deal with.

The fact that Gong Hyo Jin only stops seeing ghosts when she can touch So Ji Sub and she has to constantly poke him makes their interactions even funnier.

The drama's ghosts are scary too and every week has a new story of ghostly encounters that provides a mystery to solve. What is it that the ghosts want? Gong Hyo Jin has to find out so they will leave her alone. And they rarely make it easy for her to figure it out. Slowly, despite his reluctance, So Ji Sub's character is drawn into solving these mysteries. And every ghostly encounter also offers Gong Hyo Jin a way to insinuate her presence into his life.

The drama's ghostly visits offer more than suspense and some genuinely scary moments. Every ghost visitation provides new chances for appearances by talented supporting actors. In an upcoming episode, Kim Bo Mi will play Seon Yeong, a woman who can't let the ghost of her lost love go. It's time for both of them to move on. Perhaps her ghost will visit Gong Hyo Jin's character and ask to be released?

Kim Bo Mi previously appeared as the young Bok Hee in the film "Sunny" and as Dami, Seo Hwa's maid in the hit drama "Gu Family Book.

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