'Scandal' Kim Jae Won Tries to Commit Suicide After Being Shocked

Kim Jae Won
Jo Yoon Hee
Park Sang Min
Jo Jae Hyun

"Scandal" Kim Jae Won jumps into the water to commit suicide.

September 8, the 22nd episode of the MBC weekend dram "Scandal" featured Ha Eun Joong (Kim Jae Won) learning about the fact that his father Ha Myung Geun (Jo Jae Hyun) had kidnapped him from his real father Jang Tae Ha (Park Sang Min).

Ha Eun Joong leaves home to an island to be alone and suffers from feeling betrayed by Ha Myung Geun and the shock that Jang Tae Ha, the man he considered the enemy is his real father.

Woo Ah Mi (Jo Yoon Hee) shows up after she tracks down where Ha Eun Joong is hiding. After sitting down together for a while, Ha Eun Joong suddenly jumps into the water. Woo Ah Mi follows after him and says, "Get out of the water. Please get out."

Ha Eun Joong says, "Will you go away really far with me? I know you're in pain too. Every day must be like hell." Ha Eun Joong begins to cry burning tears of pain.

Woo Ah Mi says, "You can't get water where you got surgery. Let's get out." Ha Eun Joong replies, "I'm scared. I'm afraid... of my past and my future."

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