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‘Secret’ Hwang Jung Eum, The Most Despicable Female Character

BY Staff Reporter | Oct 05, 2013 12:04 PM EDT


Hwang Jung Eum, who had been in prison in place of her lover, Bae Su Bin, was cornered as a child abuser.

On KBS2 "Secret," aired on October 3, 2013, You Jung (Hwang Jung Eum) was framed as a child abuser of her own son and her son was away from her.

Yoo Jung and Do Hoon (Bae Su Bin) encountered each other as a juror and a prisoner, as planned by Min Hyuk (Ji Sung). You Jung explained to Do Hoon that there is nowhere to send the child, saying, "I hope to show him the stars."

At the news of another consecutive visit, You Jung, assuming it would be Do Hoon again, was surprised to see Min Hyuk. At You Jung's surprised face, Min Hyuk said, "Try to stay comfortable in there. You will feel pretty painful once you're out."

Min Hyuk, bringing Yoo Jung's friend, Hye Jin into his scheme, cornered You Jung as a child abuser. You Jung, now lost without her son, screamed, "Where are you taking my son?"

As her wrists were getting cuffed, she cried, "Where is my San?" When she called Do Hoon and pleaded to find her son, Do Hoon didn't say anything as he was the one who disapproved of her parole. Do Hoon had chosen his success in career instead of love.

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