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Son Ye Jin Talks About Marriage And Her Ideal Man

BY Julie Jones | Dec 03, 2015 12:19 PM EST


Son Ye Jin is thinking about marriage, what she wants and why she has not really thought about marriage before. She discussed her thoughts with the Chinese website Sina.

The 34-year-old actress does want to get married but she also thinks that her career has kept her so busy, marriage has not been a priority.

"At first I did not understand why I could not meet someone," she told Sina. As time goes by I know why actresses usually marry later in life. Their passion for work grows and the happiness they get from their career occupies much of their hearts."

She doesn't rule it out. She hopes it will still happen and sees that marriage and children can be a good thing for a career. It can help an actress grow.

"The experience of getting married and having children can help an actress mature," she said. "I hope I don't get too old before I marry."

But her ideal husband would have to understand the demands of her career, the long work hours and frequent trips.

For example, her most recent film was shot on location in Jeju Island. "Bad Guys Always Die" is a Chinese-Korean production about a group of Chinese tourists who visit Jeju Island and meet a mysterious woman, played by Son. She leads them into a series of unexpected but interesting incidents.

One of the tourists is played by Chinese actor Bolin Chen.

Son Ye Jin has not been the subject of many dating rumors since she began her career with a supporting role in the 2000 drama "Secret Tears." Her only significant dating rumor was with Kim Nam Gil, who co-starred with her in the drama "Shark" and again in the film "The Pirates."

She has had her share of attractive leading men, including Lee Min Ho in the drama "Personal Taste" and Jung Woo Sung in the film "An Affair To Remember."

"Bad Guys Always Die" had its world premiere in October at the Busan International Film Festival. It opened in China on November 27 to positive reviews and will open in Korea on January 21, 2016.

Anyone know of a nice guy Son Ye Jin could marry?

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