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‘Ugly Alert’ Love, You Just Can’t Help It!

BY Staff Reporter | Oct 16, 2013 09:31 PM EDT


Shin So Yul (28, real name Kim Jung Min) and Choi Tae Joon (22) acted lovey dovey and created a romantic vibe. Is it because people want to do what's been banned? Even under Lee Il Hwa's close watch, the two people didn't let go of each other in a tearjerker like a TV version of "Romeo and Juliet."

On SBS's Daily Drama "Ugly Alert" broadcast on the afternoon of October 14th, Shin Joo Young (played by Shin So Yul) kept her love with Gong Hyun Suk (played by Choi Tae Joon) despite the close watch and opposition of mother Na In Sook (played by Lee Il Hwa).

As Na In Sook opposed Gong Hyun Suk because he was poor and took away her cell phone, Shin Joo Young borrowed Na Do Hee (played by Kang So Ra) and called the one she loved. Gong Hyun Suk had be waitin for her to call and said he was dying on the inside, and Shin Joo Young said, "I want to record your voice but can't because it's someone else's phone."

Gong Hyun Suk then said, "Then at least I should record this. Let me recharge on my vitamins. Record your voice for me." Hearing unexpected expressions of love from her lover who was usually inexpressive, Shin Joo Young showed how happy she was as she laughed and said, "Tough times aren't necessary bad. I get to hear these words from Gong Hyun Suk, the prince of sarcasm." Moreover, she whispered, "I'm sorry that you have to go through this because of someone like me. But I miss you and love you."

Afterwards, Gong Hyun Suk listened to his girlfriend's voice that he had recorded endlessly. In addition the next day, he discreetly stood in the office and heard Shin Joo Young's voice as he could not hide his excitement. Cha Dae Gi (played by Kim Dae Hee) saw this and said "Those who learn the latest are the worst" and embarrassed him. Gong Hyun Suk looked embarrassed but smiled happily. This sweet scene showed love, a true incurable virus.

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