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The Ten Best Supporting Characters of 2015: Actor Edition

BY Julie Jones | Dec 10, 2015 07:56 AM EST


A supporting actor can steal the show, whether the character is the second lead or a minor character in the drama. Here are a few actors that stole hearts this year while playing supporting roles.

Choi Si Won in "She Was Pretty"

Number one would have to be Super Junior's Choi Si Won as the quirky reporter Kim Shin Hyuk. Viewers loved the way he loved Hwang Jung Eum's frumpy temp worker character for who she was. His laid back fun style was appealing on many levels. It was not Choi's first drama role but it can be counted as his breakout role.

Kim Jong Kook in "Producer"

The role was his debut drama role but the "Running Man" star acted it with flair and comic charm. Despite his lack of experience he was a natural, whether his ever wondering character was hanging around with Park Hyuk Kwon or kissing Ye Ji Won over the copy machine.

Im Seulong in "Ho Gu's Love"

The 2AM member was pitch perfect in this role as a lawyer who believes he is in love with a male high school classmate. It keeps him from dating because their kiss made his heart flutter so. What he doesn't know is that the kiss was given to him by that classmate's twin sister. He played a pompous twit so worried and confused that he was likable.

Lee Soo Hyuk in "The Scholar Who Walks The Night"

Lee Soo Hyuk was not the only sexy vampire in "The Scholar Who Walks The Night" but he was definitely the scariest sexiest vampire. The actor camped it up in his role as the evil overlord of the dark. He was also sexy in his role as the lonely carpenter in "Valid Love" but his bloodthirsty "Scholar" role had bite to it.

Henry Lau in "Oh My Venus"

Henry Lau's  flashes of English, his puppyish enthusiasm, and the way he called Shin Min Ah "Ma'am" add a sweet comic tone to the story. Of course Henry's English is excellent and effortless as the singer-actor lived in Canada.

Yook Sung Jae in "Who Are You - School 2015?"

Yook Sung Jae is this year's other second lead that viewers wanted to get the girl. His nonchalant devil-may-care attitude in the high school drama about bullying won viewers' hearts. The BtoB singer was also appealing as the determined junior detective in "The Village - Achiara's Secret."

Kim Min Jae in "Twenty Once Again"

Kim Min Jae played Choi Ji Woo's son in this drama about a woman who gets a chance to start over. When the drama starts he sees his mom through his father's critical eyes and finds her lacking. As a result, it warps his own impression of who he ought to be. When he finally sees his mother as a person of value, it helps free him to live his own life. It was only Kim's third drama.

Park Hyung Sik in "High Society"

Park Hyung Sik played one of the sweeter spoiled chaebols in drama history. His character Yoo Chang Soo was coddled by his mom and used to getting what he wanted. So, he was intrigued when he met the cheerful store worker played by Lim Ji Yeon. She was blunt and honest and not that impressed by him. That made him work hard to win her heart and his mother's approval.

Park Seo Joon in "Kill Me, Heal Me"

Park Seo Joon played Hwang Jung Eum's loving adopted brother and the two actors expressed a great sense of sibling camaraderie. Ji Sung also treated him like a brother, except for when one of his multiple personalities was a girl and had an embarrassing and terrifying crush on Park. Park Seo Joon was comically uncomfortable when pursued by that possessed girl.

Yoon Gyun Sang in "Pinocchio"

Yoon Gyun Sang's role in "Pinocchio" was not a big one but his character's story was heartbreaking. He played Lee Jong Suk's long-lost brother. Both their lives were shaped by the same tragedy. His life would have gone very differently if he had lucked into the opportunities that Lee Jong Suk's character had.

These were our top ten favorite supporting characters in 2015. Do you have any to share? Let us know.

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