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Lee Min Ho's Agency Addresses Shanghai Concert Rumors

BY Adrienne Stanley | Dec 11, 2015 09:08 AM EST


Starhaus Entertainment is investigating rampant rumors centered on an alleged Shanghai concert starring Lee Min Ho. Representatives for the "Gangnam 1970" star came forth about the advertised concert after widespread reports spread that the 28-year-old actor would appear at the Mercedes-Benz Arena in Shanghai.  

On December 11, the agency provided a statement to Sports Donga, addressing the event, which was advertised for February 27, 2016.

"[We will] take relevant measures for the touted Shanghai show," said a spokesperson for Starhaus. "While the Shanghai concert that was [reportedly] offered to Lee is being reviewed, the one [organizer] has never even been in contact." 

Starhaus went on to refute claims that he would be performing as part of this particular show or date, calling the need to discuss reports regarding the concert imperative, due to a strong positive reaction from fans who wanted to attend the rumored show. 

While Lee has not actively pursued a music career, his live performances remain a huge draw, particularly within China. In 2014, he brought his RE:MINHO tour to Shanghai and Guangzhou.

According to statistics released by mainland China's Cultural Industry Research Center, the concerts were attended by 7,000 and 10,000 fans, retrospectively. 

Speculation regarding a potential Chinese concert follow the frenetic ticket sales for the upcoming "talk" concert, which instantaneously sold out as 3,000 fans snagged the opportunity to see the pan-Asian phenom. 

While the Shanghai show has been refuted as a rumor, the "Boys Over Flowers" star will take the stage for domestic audiences at the Grand Peace Palace on January 16. 

Meanwhile, Lee continues to film his upcoming Korean-Chinese blockbuster, "Bounty Hunters." He recently released the album, "The Day," which dedicated to his devoted audience, who are known as Minoz. 

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