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A Look Back At Some Of Yoo Seung Ho's Best Kiss Scenes

BY Julie Jones | Dec 23, 2015 10:18 AM EST


At a recent press conference for the film "Joseon Magician," Go Ara spoke about her kiss scenes with actor Yoo Seung Ho.

That prompted KDramaStars to consider Yoo Seung Ho's best k-drama and k-movie kiss scenes.

In "Joseon Magician" Yoo Seung Ho plays the famous Joseon-era magician Hwan Hee and she plays Princess Cheong Myeong. She's on her way to her wedding with someone else when they meet and fall in love.

"We shot quite a few extremely romantic and lovey-dovey scenes," she said. "There are many scenes that I personally like a lot."

But the scenes that attracted the most attention were the kiss scenes.

"When we shot the kiss scenes, about 50 staff members gathered around us to follow the shoot," she said. "Passion was in the air on this set."

It's not the first time that kissing Yoo Seung Ho has caused comment.

When Kang So Ra appeared on the SBS "TV News At Night" show in 2013, she also spoke about kissing the actor. The kiss happened in the 2009 thriller film "Fourth Period Mystery." He was 16 and she was 19.

When asked about kissing him, she confessed that it was not entirely comfortable.

"He was underage then so it felt like I was committing a crime," she said.

Yoo started out as a child actor but graduated to adult roles. In his first adult role in "Flames of Desire," he romanced actress Seo Woo. he was 17 and playing 21. She was 25.

He kissed T-ara's Jiyeon for a music video It was her first kiss.

"I shared my very first kiss with Yoo Seung Ho, my ideal type," Jiyeon said on an episode of the program "Strong Heart." "We filmed T-ara's 'Lies' music video together and I even got to do a kiss scene with him. He was so manly, I couldn't help but fall for him. He pushed me up against the wall and kissed me."

He kissed Park Ji Eun multiple times in the drama "Operation Proposal" and he has been kissed by Solar in "Imaginary Cat."

He also kissed Park Shin Hye in So Ji Sub's "Eraser" video. After their video, Park was quoted as saying she considered him "mature and manly" and would like to work with him again.

He got close and personal with Yoon Eun Hye in "Missing You." He was 19 at the time and she was 28. The actress said that she never thought about how young he was when she was working with him but after filming the drama and looking at their intimate scenes, she felt differently. 

"I saw a picture of us at an award ceremony and felt like I was sinning."

And there are sure to be kisses exchanged with Park Min Young as the plot of "Remember" progresses. Yoo Seung Ho is only 22 but already he has kissed some of k-drama's most beautiful actresses.

Those in Seoul will not have to wait long to see Yoo kissing Go Ara. "The Joseon Magician" premieres on December 30.

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