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SNSD Member Kwon Yuri Happily Filming With Lee Soo Hyuk And Park Shi Hoo

BY Julie Jones | Dec 30, 2015 09:21 AM EST


On December 29, Girls Generation member and actress Kwon Yuri posted an Instagram photo taken with the co-stars of her upcoming drama "Local Hero," previously called "Neighborhood Hero."

In the photo she is surrounded by actors Lee Soo Hyuk, Jo Sung Ha, Jung Man Sik and Park Shi Hoo.

"I'm filming with a happy heart this cold winter. 2016.1.23 premiere! Please support us and look forward to it," she wrote

The drama's main character is Baek Shi Yoon, an ex-secret agent, played by Park Shi Hoo. Baek Shi Yoon wants to put the secret agent part of his life behind him and buys a neighborhood bar. At the bar he talks to the regulars and listens to their life stories. One of the regulars is Choi Chan Gyu, a young man who wants to be a police officer. Baek has a better idea. He trains Choi, played by Lee Soo Hyuk, to be a secret agent and the two secretly fight crime together.

Yuri plays Bae Jung Yeon, a writer who is a regular at the bar. She spends much of her time there studying the other regulars and looking for inspiration. With her keen eye for human nature, she may be the first to discover that the undercover duo is composed of people she knows at the neighborhood bar.

"Local Hero" began filming in October in Macao. If Yuri's Instagram post is any indication, filming has since moved north to a colder climate.Photos have also circulated of the cast members bundled up in bulky winter coats.

It has been a year since Kwon Yuri was seen on the small screen. Although best known as a member of Girls Generation, Yuri has acted in a few dramas and films. She had a supporting role in the drama "Unstoppable Marriage," a leading role in "Fashion King" and a cameo in "Kill Me Heal Me." She also had a leading role in the film "No Breathing" with Seo In Guk.

The 20-episode "Local Hero" also stars Yoon Tae Young, Song Jae Ho, Lee Han Wi and Ahn Suk Hwan.

The OCN drama will be Park Shi Hoo's comeback drama. Due to his involvement in a scandal, the actor has not appeared in a Korean production since 2012 when he starred in "Cheongdamdong Alice."

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