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'Kill Me Heal Me' Wins Top Prizes At MBC Drama Awards

BY Julie Jones | Dec 31, 2015 08:10 AM EST


The cast of "Kill Me Heal Me" did very well at the MBC Drama Awards.

"Kill Me Heal Me," directed by Kim Jin Man and Kim Dae Jin, won Best Drama of the Year.

Actor Ji Sung won the Grand Prize or Daesang Award for his starring role as a man whose childhood trauma led to dissociative identity disorder.

His varying personalities ranged from a baby to a bad boy to an infatuated teen girl. In a comic turn befitting his role, he also won Best Couple with Park Seo Joon, who played the writer his teen girl personality Yo Na had a crush on.

When he was nominated for Best Couple Ji Sung said he was surprised.

"I'd like to receive it with Hwang Jung Eum," he said of his female co-star in the drama.

And yet Ji Sung and Park Seo Joon won Best Couple over Park Seo Joon and Hwang Jung Eum in "She Was Pretty," Lee Jun Ki and Lee Yoo Bi in Scholar Who Walks The Night" and Ji Soo and Kim Hee Sun in "Angry Mom."

Hwang Jung Eum also walked away with some awards. She won a Top Excellence Award for  Miniseries for her role in"Kill Me Heal Me," as well as her role in the comedy "She Was Pretty." She also won a Producers Actor of the Year Award.

Park Seo Joon, who played her brother in "Kill Me Heal Me" and her boyfriend in "She Was Pretty" won the Excellence Award for a Miniseries for his work in both "Kill Me Heal Me" and "She Was Pretty."

Together they won a Popularity Award.

A few other dramas and actors were also recognized.

Kim Jung Eun won Top Excellence Award, Serial Drama, Actress, and Song Chang Ee won Top Excellence Award, Serial Drama, Actor for their work in "Make A Woman Cry."

The Top Excellence Award, Special Production Drama, Actress, went to Jeon In Hwa for "Legendary Witch" and "My Daughter, Geum Sa Wol.

The Top Excellence Award, Special Production Drama, Actor, went to Jung Jin Young for his work in "Glamorous Temptation.

Top Excellence Award, Miniseries, Actress, went to Cha Hwa Yeon for "Mom."

Excellence Award, Serial Drama, Actor, went to k-drama's favorite dad and chaebol Park Young Gyu for his work in "Mom."

An Excellence Award, Special Production Drama, Actress was given to Oh Hyun Kyeong for her work in "Legendary Witch," while the Excellence Award, Special Production Drama, Actor went to Son Chang Min for "My Daughter Geum Sa Wol."

Kang So Ra won an Excellence Award, Miniseries, Actress, for her work in the culinary k-drama "Warm and Cozy."

Best Supporting Actress, Serial Drama went to Lee Bo Hee for "Apgujeong, Midnight Sun and

Best Supporting Actor, Serial Drama, was given to Lee Moon Sik for "Mom."

Kim Soo Mi won Best Supporting Actress, Special Production Drama for "Legendary Witch, while Best Supporting Actor, Special Production Drama went to Kim Ho Jin in "Glamorous Temptation."

A Best Supporting Actress, Miniseries Award went to Hwang Suk Jung for her larger-than-life role as the madcap fashion magazine editor in "She Was Pretty"

Kim Hee Won won Best Supporting Actor, Miniseries for "Angry Mom."

Best New Actor, Serial Drama went to Kang Eun Tak for "Apgujeong, Midnight Sun."

Best New Actress, Special Production Drama was given to Lee Sung Kyung for "The Queen's Flower" and Best New Actor, Special Production Drama went to Yoon Hyun Min for "My Daughter Geum Sa Wol."

Model-turned-actor Lee Soo Hyuk won Best New Actor, Miniseries for his role as a vampire in "Scholar Who Walks The Night."

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