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Five Fun Facts About Sung Hoon

BY Julie Jones | Jan 05, 2016 10:55 AM EST


In "Oh My Venus," Sung Hoon plays a professional boxer known as the Korean Snake and for his next role he will play a model-turned-professional golfer. The actor will play the handsome athlete Kim Sang Min in an upcoming drama titled "Five Children." The weekend drama is about love and conflict between family members. It's also the story of a single mom and a single dad who meet and have a second chance at love.

Since we will be seeing more of this talented actor, here are a few facts you may not know.

1. He may often be cast as an athlete because he was one. He majored in swimming in college and swam on a team for 14 years but had to quit due to an injury.

"I was going to be a professional swimmer but that plan got shelved," said Sung Hoon in an interview with the media outlet One TV Asia. "I've always wanted be an actor and through the help of my agent, my dream came true."

When he debuted in 2011 in the drama "New Gisaeng," he felt pressured to do his best.

"As it was my first drama and I really did not know how to act it helped me feel less nervous," he said.

The swimming skills did come in handy when he had to film an underwater kissing scene.

2. He did well in his first role and was cast again in "Faith: The Great Doctor" with Kim Hee Sun and Lee Min Ho. He was so eager to do his best in "Faith" that he lost more than 10 pounds to play the role of the ethereal assassin Chun Eum Ja. He also took daegeum lessons so he could play the bamboo flute that his character used to enact magic spells.

3. He performed in a musical even though he was sure he had no singing skills. He appeared in the musical "Summer Snow" in Japan for the sake of his fans.

"There was no other reason for it," he said in an interview with the Korean media outlet Joongang Daily. "I chose to star in it for my fans.

No one booed.

4. When asked what his ideal type was, he kept it simple.

"I like the adorable type," he said. 

And he said that his potential girlfriend should not be too tall. He is six feet tall, so that fortunately does not rule out too many women.

5. Deciding to act was a smart choice as Sung Hoon won an SBS New Actor award for his first role, an experience he called challenging and memorable.

Have you seen this actor in any of his roles? What do you think of his potential?

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