‘Scandal’ Healing Dates

Kim Jae Won
Jo Yoon Hee

"Scandal" Kim Jae Won and Jo Yoon Hee went on a 'healing date.'  Viewers felt saddened by the fact that these people couldn't love just because of the bad relations between their parents.

On the 34th episode of MBC weekend drama, "Scandal: A very shocking and immoral case" broadcast on October 20th, Woo Ah Mi (played by Jo Yoon Hee) cared for Jang Eun Joong (played by Kim Jae Won) saying, "Don't be sorry about your father."

Ah Mi had lost her child with her ex-husband because of Eun Joong's father Jang Tae Ha (played by Park Sang MIin. When Eun Joong learned that Tae Ha was his birth father, he couldn't stay with Ah Mi out of guilt.

Ah Mi knew the truth but she took care of Ha Myung Geun (played by Jo Jae Hyun) who had kidnapped and raised Eun Joong.  Thus, Eun Joong was even more thankful to Ah Mi.  On this day, Eun Joong asked Ah Mi to drive late at night.

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