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Won Bin And Lee Na Young Explemplify The Challenges Faced By K-Celebrity Couples

BY Adrienne Stanley | Jan 28, 2016 11:39 PM EST


Korean celebrities often endure hardships that extend well beyond the constraints of their Hollywood counterparts. 

Won Bin and Lee Na Young continue to live under the harsh scrutiny of Korean media while experiencing endless harassment from adoring fans since tying the knot with hasty nuptials in May 2015. 

According to a January 29 (KST) report by The Korea Herald, large numbers of tourists visit the home of Won Bin's parents, and continuously photograph actor and his wife, while they are on the premises.

Snooping fans were previously a common occurrence for the 38-year-old Hallyu star, but his recent marriage and impending parenthood have led to an onslaught of unauthorized reporters from outlets ranging from broadcast news to tabloid magazines. 

The Korea Herald noted that journalists regularly approach the high-profile couple without invitation and attempt to interview citizens residing in the neighborhood of Won's parents. 

A lack of fences and security measures like CCTV have enabled the repeated invasion of privacy. 

In addition, neighbors who are not acquainted with Won or the couple are asked personal questions that could incriminate the pair. 

The article went on to note the primary subjects that are of interest to both reporters and fans. Netizens are curious about the sudden pregnancy of Lee Na Young, whether the birth of their child will be announced to the public and how the couple intends to cBin

Reports regarding the harassment of Won Bin, his family, and his wife follow disturbing accounts of home invasions which plagued Jo In Sung and CNBLUE's Jung Yong Hwa in 2015, during the harvest holiday, Chuseok. 

The "It's Okay, That's Love" actor was startled when an obsessed Chinese fan broke into his house while his family members were visiting.

While he did not issue personal statements addressing the matter, the CNBLUe frontman was more forthcoming in expressing his displeasure with stalker fans. 

"My parents were so shocked when they came to visit for Chuseok," said Jung, in a social media post, following an incident where uninvited supporters arrived at his house.

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