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Five K-Drama Actors Who Admit They Are Not Good At Dating

BY Julie Jones | Jan 29, 2016 08:44 AM EST


When watching an attractive actor romance his k-drama co-star, it's easy to suspect they are that talented at love in real life.  But it's not always the case. Quite a few leading k-drama men find it hard to date, because they lack confidence to start a relationship or are confused about what women want once they are in one.

Here are a few actors you might not think have a hard time dating.

Seo Kang Joon currently plays the overly friendly Baek In Ho in "Cheese in the Trap,"  but in real life he's not as comfortable approaching women.

"Instead of being caring, I don't show that I'm interested, and I am mostly afraid that I am making the girl uncomfortable," said Seo. "So often, I can't even start dating."

2PM's Ok Taecyeon, last seen in the drama "Assembly," also finds the first step the hardest. He admits that he cannot even look at a girl he likes which makes it hard for him to ask her out on a date. He also gets nervous when acting with actresses he admires.

"I'm not a shy guy, either as an actor or as a singer, but I tend to become nervous if I have to work with women," he said. It's one of my biggest regrets when I look at my acting."

For Kang Dong Won it's the first step that is the hardest. He's surrounded by adoring fans but getting a phone number from a girl he likes is different.

"I got someone's phone number only once in my lifetime," he said in an interview with the Korean news outlet @Star1. "I don't like forcing something. I like it when it is natural. I'm not someone who is overflowing with confidence. I'm fine when I'm doing my work but I really have no confidence when it comes to relationships with the opposite sex."

Kang Dong Won is also not sure he understands women.

"I can't get a grasp on women," he said. "I have no way of knowing how they're feeling. There are many times when I don't know what they're thinking."

He shares that problem with Jo in Sung.

When Jo broke up with actress Kim Min Hee in 2014, he spoke about the breakup at a fan meeting and admitted that he does not know much about women. It was his lack of understanding, he said, that led to his breakup.

"I don't even know what's on my mother's mind," said Jo. "I think I had to break up this time because I don't know what's on women's minds. I would be good at maintaining a relationship if I was good at love."

For Joo Won, acting in love scenes has never been easy and the way he's supposed to act toward his co-stars creates conflicts in real-life relationships. He's often been quoted about becoming infatuated with his co-star characters, only to have the drama and the fictional relationship end.

In a 2015 interview, he said, that despite being a romantic, he only ever dated twice. Neither relationship lasted.

"When I'm working on a show, I become conflicted," he said. The person I like and the female lead in the show pose a psychological tug-of-war in my head."

It might be hard for a real-life relationship to compete with a k-drama relationship.

Do you think these actors ought to be more confident in real life?

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