Song Jae Rim To Meet Fans Before Drama Filming

Song Jae Rim
Goodbye Mr. Black
Lee Jin Wook
Moon Chae Won

Song Jae Rim's new drama "Goodbye Mr. Black" recently began script readings but the actor is taking time out of his drama schedule for his first ever domestic fan meeting.

The fan meeting titled "Come Over And Play" is scheduled for January 30 at the Hyocheon Art Center. The meeting is a do over as Song planned the have the meeting last year as part of his Asia Tour. He had to cancel it due to his busy schedule. Song wants to make good on his promise to meet fans and thank them for his continuing support before he gets even busier.

According to the Korean media outlet OSEN, the actor has been hands-on involved in physically getting ready for the meeting. He is helping to prepare hot packs and drinks for his fans.

Those fans should enjoy his new drama, "Goodbye Mr. Black," which is based on the 1980s manhwa of the same name, which in turn was inspired by the 1844 Dumas novel, "The Count of Monte Cristo." Song's role in the revenge drama is that of Seo Woo Jin, the editor of a small newspaper. Seo is an idealist, a man who believes in the power of the press. He's also described as a man who has never had a romantic relationship. Since he's the second lead, he will face Lee Jin Wook as a romantic rival.

Lee Jin Wook plays the leading male role, a Navy officer who is betrayed, accused of treason and exiled to Australia. His life is destroyed and he can think of nothing but revenge. He acquires and identity and returns home to destroy those who ruined his life.

Moon Chae Won also stars in this drama as the pretend wife of Lee Jin Wook's character.

Song Jae Rim's last drama role was in "Unkind Ladies." He also recently had roles in "The Idle Mermaid" and "Inspiring Generation." His breakout role was playing a bodyguard in the historical drama "The Moon Embracing The Sun." He played a cold-blooded assassin in "Two Weeks."

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