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Park Shin Hye Graduates University

BY Julie Jones | Feb 03, 2016 07:52 AM EST


Congratulations Park Shin Hye! The 25-year-old actress will receive her bachelor's degree for her major in theater on February 15 at the Chung Ang University graduation ceremony. Because of her busy acting schedule, it has taken her eight years to earn that degree. And she's so busy she might not be able to attend the ceremony.

"She's finally graduating but we're not sure if she'll attend her graduation ceremony as she has an overseas schedule," a representative of her entertainment agency S.A.L.T. Entertainment, told the Korean media outlet Sports Donga.

With so much success in films and dramas, Park could easily have skipped going to school for theater, but she wanted to have the experience.

"I wanted to go to school and be normal," said Park in a February 2015 interview with No Cut News. "It's fun.  I can work on shows, meet new people and ride the subway. I wanted to feel that freedom since I was young."

If she had not been so busy acting, she might have graduated in four years instead of eight. What motivated her to keep going?

One of the people she credits with convincing her to continue with school was her manager at Dream Factory, Lee Sung Hwan.

"It was natural for me to be at school," she said. "He told me it was right of me to be at school at my age and put that right. He meant he didn't want my whole life to be focused on in showbiz. That's what my parents wanted, too. They wouldn't have forced me but thanks to them I have friends in high school and university."

She's not the only k-celeb who attended Chung Ang University. Her celebrity classmates included Kim Bum, Kim So Eun, Jung Il Woo and Go Ara, who graduated in 2013.

Now that she has her diploma, Park is ready to take on another drama role. Park, who recently appeared in the drama "Pinocchio," with Lee Jong Suk and the film "The Royal Tailor," with Yoo Yeon Suk, is currently considering a new drama. That drama is tentatively titled "Doctors" and is expected to air after Jang Geun Suk's upcoming drama "Jackpot."

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