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Which K-Drama Actors Should You Bring Home To Mom And Dad?

BY Julie Jones | Feb 04, 2016 08:05 AM EST


After seeing a k-drama, it's not unusual to imagine what it would be like to go out with the stars. You might want to date any number of actors, but which ones would you bring home to a family dinner.

Seoul Art College recently conducted a survey to find out just which k-celebs parents would like to see their son or daughter bring home.

The results are interesting. Hyun Bin and Hyeri were voted the number one choices.

Despite his recent role as a man who had a not-so-nice alternate personality, Hyun Bin topped the list of men that parents want as as a son-in-law. But then Hyun Bin is handsome, talented and does look good in a suit. And he played those spoiled but charming characters in "Secret Garden" or "My Lovely Kim Sam Soon." Even when his characters were arrogant, they came across as gentlemen.

Topping the list for potential daughters-in-law was Girl's Day's Lee Hyeri. She attracted attention with her recent starring role as Sung Duk Sun in the series "Reply 1988." She also appeared with Hyun Bin in the drama "Hyde, Jekyll and I." The 21-year-old actress is talented, charmingly pretty and very likable, which is apparently perfect daughter-in-law material.

Up next in the son-in-law department was Z:EA member and actor Im Si Wan. Im Si Wan's popularity boomed after he appeared in the cable hit "Misaeng" and the film "The Attorney." He can currently be seen in "Thinking of Older Brother."

Im was followed by Jo Jung Suk, last seen in "Oh My Ghostess." Jung Woo, who is about to marry Kim Yoo Mi, came in next. Lee Sang Woo took fifth place.

As to daughters-in-law, Suzy followed Hyeri. Suzy will soon be seen in the drama "Uncontrollably Fond" with Kim Woo Bin. She was followed by Hwang Jung Eum, who recently appeared in "She Was pretty," Moon Chae Won, who will soon star in "Goodbye Mr. Black" and Song Ji Hyo, last seen in "The Ex Girlfriend Club."

Are these the actors you would bring home to mom and dad? Anyone else? Let us know who and why.

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