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Park Bo Gum Surprised At His Dating Scandal With Jang Na Ra

BY Julie Jones | Feb 05, 2016 10:14 AM EST


Park Bo Gum is having his first dating scandal and he says there's absolutely no truth to it. In fact, he can't believe it is happening. Or that he is involved in a dating scandal with Jang Na Ra.

The dating rumors began when a blind celebrity item claimed that a certain actress in her thirties was dating an actor in his twenties. The unsubstantiated gossip said that the actress looked very young for her age, which Jang Na Ra does. The actor in question was said to be handsome and had starred in a popular drama, which was also his breakout hit.

So some people, assumed that the actress was the 34-year-old actress Jang Na Ra. And they also assumed that the younger man was 22-year-old Park Bo Gum, who had a breakout drama hit with the drama "Reply 1988."

It was the first scandal for Park Bo Gum, who also appeared in the film "Coin Locker Girl." The scandal caught him by surprise.

"It was amazing to see what being scandalized is like, and I have never been scandalized before," Park said in an interview with the Korean media outlet Star News.

The actors may not be dating but they do know each other because they worked together on the KBS drama "Hello Monster." She played a police inspector. Park played the brother of the genius criminal profiler, played by Seo In Guk. Their characters had some scenes together in which they displayed promising chemistry. They looked comfortable together. But the working relationship may never be as comfortable again.

"I already knew about the scandal, which has made me and her feel uncomfortable with each other," he said.

Park was one of the three "Reply 1988" stars who recently traveled to Namibia to film "Youth Over Flowers."

Jang Na Ra can currently be seen in the romantic comedy "One More Happy Ending."

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