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Some 'Cheese In The Trap' Fans Are Not Happy With Yoo Jung's Job

BY Julie Jones | Feb 23, 2016 10:20 AM EST


"Cheese in the Trap," starring Park Hae Jin, Kim Go Eun and Seo Kang Joon, is one of the hottest k-dramas at the moment but that doesn't mean that fans are unanimously happy with the most recent plot developments

Park Hae Jin plays Yoo Jung. At first Yoo Jung seems like the perfect boyfriend but viewers have learned that he has some complicated personal relationship issues. The drama revolves around his relationship with hardworking student Hong Seol, played by Kim Go Eun. They attend the same university and spend much time together once they start dating. Then Yoo Jung has  to work as an intern in his father's company. He and Hong Seol see each other after work, they text and they talk, but his job has resulted in them spending less screen time together.

According to the Korean media outlet Korea Times, fans have expressed their disappointment in the fact that Yoo Jung's office responsibilities take him away from the campus and daily interactions with Hong Seol.

Since Yoo Jung is at the office, the focus of the drama has shifted to the relationship between Hong Seol and her friend Baek In Ho, played by Seo Kang Joon. Spoiler alert, if you have not seen Episode 14. Baek In Ho is pursued by gangsters he owes money to and he can't pay them back. His inability to pay them may result in his dropping out of an important piano competition. He's a prodigy but gave up playing for a while. He has feelings for Hong Seol but Yoo Jung has warned her to stay away from him. The two men have bad history between them. And finally, Yoo Jung offers to bail Baek In Ho out financially if he will give Hong Seol up and stay away from her.

Many of the drama's fans are watching the program because they are fans of actor Park Hae Jin and feel that he is not spending enough time on screen. But their displeasure will not result in any drama changes. Unlike many other dramas, this series was shot in advance.

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