Kim Nam Gil And Son Ye Jin: Close But Not Dating

Kim Nam Gil
Son Ye Jin

When Son Ye Jin took a thank-you bow at the recent premiere of her film "Accomplice," Kim Nam Gil stood up and cheered, "Son Ye Jin is the best." She thanked him and called him "oppa." Such enthusiasm for his co-star may have helped to fuel the rumors that the actors are dating.

They were doomed lovers in the melodrama "Shark." And they are romantic allies in the film "Pirates." But one thing they are not, say actors Kim Nam Gil and Son Ye Jin, is dating.

Having worked together for months it's only natural that the two actors have grown close. When a media report recently claimed that the two dated for the past four months, both stars' agencies denied it.

Son Ye Jin's agency MSTeam issued a statement denying the rumors, which said that the actors met up outside of the film set.

"It doesn't make any sense," said MSTeam. "It seems as if the misunderstanding was based on seeing them be so friendly on set but the report is false. The story that they met doesn't make sense. Son Ye Jin is busy promoting and filming her movie."

Kim Nam Gil's agency was also quick to issue a statement, saying the dating rumors were not true.

"Although it's true that the two are close after working together on their drama and film, there is nothing more to their relationship," said a representative from Star J Entertainment. "They are close as colleagues but they are not dating."

It may be wishful thinking on the part of fans that saw "Shark." In that revenge drama, the couple did not end up together. In "Pirates" Son Ye Jin plays the captain of a pirate ship and Kim Nam Gil, the leader of a group of land-bound bandits. The two will join forces to hunt for a ghost whale that swallowed the royal seal.

The two actors liked each other from the very beginning.

"I thought that Kim Nam Gil would have the bad guy charisma that he shows in dramas, so I was surprised when I met him for the first time because he was so cute," said Son Ye Jin when she met him on the set of "Shark."

Kim Nam Gil said that Son Ye Jin was cuter than he expected.

"Son Ye Jin has a lot of aegyo," said Kim Nam Gil. "A war has started among the male actors. It's a competition about who receives the most affection from Son Ye Jin."

In the past Son Ye Jin, 31, has made some comments about what she looks for in a boyfriend. He should be tall, witty, and a good listener.

Six-foot-tall Kim, 32, has admitted to liking women who are elegant, calm and feminine. He was rumored at one point to be seeing Girls Generation's Tiffany.

Even if Kim Nam Gil and Son Ye Jin are merely good friends, they would make a lovely couple. For now, fans will have to make do with seeing them in the film "Pirates."

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