Another Kdrama Couple: Actor Jung Gyu Woon To Wed


It was a great year for celebrity weddings and next year is off to a good start. One wedding date has already been set aside for a star nuptial.

The first celebrity to stake out a 2014 wedding date is actor Jung Gyu Woon, who recently starred as Jang Hoon Nam in the weekend drama "Wonderful Mama."

According to his management agency, Sidus HQ, the actor plans to get married in the spring. And while the news may be a surprise to his fans, he has known for a long time just how special his non-celebrity girlfriend was to him.

"Very early on, I knew that if I was going to get married, she would be the one," said Jung Gyu Woon.

The 31-year-old actor met his 32-year old model-turned-web-designer girlfriend two years ago. At first they were just friends but as time passed, they grew closer.

"We went from being friends to becoming lovers," he said. "Hopefully we can remain friends and lovers and lead a happy life together."

The wedding is set for April 5, 2014 and will take place in a Gangnam wedding hall. Both families have already met. The wedding emcee and other details have not yet been set.

Jung Gyu Woon has mentioned his girlfriend on television before, saying that he thinks that he likes her more than she likes him. But she must like him a little because she has agreed to marry him.

 He is looking forward to a happy married life and hopes that he and his wife will have a big family. He wants at least two sons and a daughter.

"At home it was just me and my brother and that's no fun," he said.

Jung Gyu Woon debuted in 2004 with the drama "Five Stars," but first attracted attention three years later. He played the very different roles of a crazy executive in "La Dole Vita" and played a calm boyfriend in "Women of the Sun." In 2009, he starred in two melodramas "Again My Love" and "Loving You A Thousand Times."

His first leading roles were in 2010, as a judo athlete in "Dr. Champ, a police officer in "Sign" and a man in love in "Romance Town." He is best known for playing bad guy Choi Hang Woo in the drama "History of a Salaryman." Last year he also appeared in the film "The Spies."

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