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Drama Review 'The Legend of the Blue Sea' Episode 6

BY HanCinema | Dec 02, 2016 05:08 AM EST


"The Legend of the Blue Sea" takes the thread of fate and closely links past with present. The trials and tribulations of the past repeat themselves in the present. The love story does the same. While the story unfolds, the mermaid Cheong struggles through human life and Joon-jae falls more in love with her.

Most of Lee Min-ho's role in this episode was to make Joon-jae a lovesick conman. The actor's experience in film is manifesting himself in the much more nuanced acting he now displays. It made Joon-jae's quickly blossoming love for the charmingly ignorant and honest Cheong very enjoyable to watch. He finds himself caring for someone other than himself for the first time in a long time.

The hospital visit is a dangerous thing for Cheong because it reveals her very unusual healing abilities and her inhuman strength. As characters catch on to her strangeness, it becomes more dangerous for the mermaid who suffered in a previous life due to her mermaid origins. Not only do Joon-jae's friends begin to see she isn't quite normal, so do the medical professionals at the hospital, which poses the largest threat. Rumors can reach the murderer's ears.

As for Joon-jae's family, I'm still quite underwhelmed by his family situation. It has failed to hit a chord and I'm not sure why. My best guess is the complexity of his background: a chaebol's bastard son who loses his mother and becomes a genius hypnotist conman. With such a complicated story revolving around multiple incarnations and timelines, it would be nice to ease up on the family drama. That said, I love how the show keeps visiting Korean drama as a vehicle for teaching Cheong. Each time she encounters drama something special happens: she learns Korean; she learns what expectancy is; this episode she learned the meaning of family.

This drama is a fun watch, but it isn't good to think to hard about it. Just watch with enjoyment in mind and Jeon Ji-hyeon's antics and Lee Min-ho's solid acting will sweep you away.


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