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'Mister Kim' Namgoong Min and Nam Sang-mi's first script reading

BY HanCinema | Dec 27, 2016 05:10 AM EST


A new comedy is coming soon.

The new KBS 2TV drama "Mister Kim" cast Namgoong MinNam Sang-miJunhoJeong Hye-seong and others gathered together for the script reading.

The drama is due on the 25th of January. The drama is about Kim Seong-ryong (Namgoong Min) with a knack in money, gets a job at TQ Group for a better deal but he finds himself fighting against injustice and corruption, fighting for the company that's going down.

The script reading was held on the 15th in Seoul. Writer Park Jae-beom-I, directors Lee Jae-hoon-II and Choi Yoon-seok as well as the casts Namgoong MinNam Sang-miJunhoJeong Hye-seong, Park Yeong-gyu, Kim Won-haeLee Il-hwaJeong Seok-yongHwang Yeong-heeKim Kang-hyeon and others were there.

The reading was started with a speech from director Lee Jae-hoon-II and writer Park Jae-beom-I.

Namgoong Min did an outstanding job of appealing himself as the character that he synchronized with. He expressed Kim Seong-ryong with ease and even came out with ad-libs fir for the situation. Nam Sang-mi is playing the role of "Ace" Yoon Ha-kyeong and she did a good job of making her character seem natural.

Junho melted into his character of Byeon Joo while Jeong Hye-seong plays Hong Ga-eun, a TQ Group intern.

Park Yeong-gyu is the TQ Group chairman Park Hyeon-do, Kim Won-hae is Chu Nam-ho, Lee Il-hwa is Park Hyeon-do's wife Jang Yoo-seon, Jeong Seok-yong is Go Man-geun, Hwang Yeong-hee is Eom Geum-sim and Kim Kang-hyeon is Lee Jae-joon. Despite it being the first time they got together for the reading, everyone synergized well with each other and increased anticipation for the drama.

Logos Films stated that there is no mistake about this get-together and "Mister Kim" is going to turn out to be an outstanding drama.

Meanwhile, "Mister Kim" is the collaboration between writer Park Jae-beom-I and director Lee Jae-hoon-II. The first episode can be seen on the 25th of January.


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