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Drama Review 'The Legend of the Blue Sea' Episode 14

BY HanCinema | Jan 05, 2017 10:11 AM EST


After a pre-empted episode last week, episode 14 tore into this week at full force with heavy plot and character development. There were a few awkward changes, but for the most part, it was one of the most interesting episodes to date.

Part of what made it interesting was the change in Ji-hyeon's character. It had been hinted at that he would take a turn towards the vile, but between episodes 13 and 14 he did so with a vengance. His new hairstyle reinforces that. A revealing flashback of Dae-yeong's sites a new villain in the Joseon-era, which scene editing reveals to be Ji-hyeon. While I love the entrance of this new side of Ji-hyeon, I do wish he was better established before the sudden and, frankly, quite awkward shift. However, the end result was welcome. Ji-hyeon is an active villain, unlike Dae-yeong who is spending more time contemplating than acting.

As for Joon-jae, he now has purpose since he has seen the full happenings of the past and the tragic end of Dam-ryeong and Cheong. The ending of the episode where he reveals he can hear her thoughts purely out of his worry for her well-being was, frankly, the best timed ending of the fourteen aired episodes. It was raw with emotion and jerked the plot forward, giving this show the boost that it really needed.

Also, Joon-jae's partners-in-crime, Tae-oh and Nam-doo are having more active roles in the drama and it fills out screen time considerably in a positive way. Before this, they were like drama game pieces moved back and forth for specific purposes. It makes me sad for what could've been had they been thusly developed sooner.

Until tomorrow when the plot thickens...


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