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Vaping Popularity: Vaping Scenes in Movies

BY Staff Reporter | Nov 12, 2018 05:10 PM EST


Vaping scenes in movies have made the practice increasingly popular over the recent years. Today, a celebrity is seen using the best e-cig in a film. Although the brand name may not be visible, the stylish device is clearly seen by the audience. This was also the case with smoking at some point. In the past, actors and actresses seem fashionable whenever they smoked in films. This made smoking popular habit at first.

Research indicates that smoking scenes in films prompted the audience to smoke during breaks. When a famous actor or actress is seen using a unique e-cigarette on the screen, the audience sees it as a form of sophistication.

For a person that is already vaping, seeing their favorite actor or actress vaping on the screen brings an exciting feeling. Perhaps, this explains why vaping is becoming increasingly popular among teens. It's a known fact that young people are influenced the most by what they saw in movies. Therefore, when young people see their favorite actor and actress vape, they may be tempted to try out the practice.

Celebrities Influence on Vaping Culture

Сelebrities made veganism and yoga famous through the media not just through endorsement campaigns but their daily life practices. These practices were seen by their fans on movie scenes and TV shows. Similarly, when a person sees their favorite celebrity use best electronic cigarette in movies, they may try to use it like them.

Essentially, celebrities are promoting the popularity of the Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems by featuring their usage in movies. Because these devices are largely unregulated and within reach for most people, their usage and popularity will continue to increase.

What's more, the generally positive reception of these devices since they are seen as less harmful when compared to traditional cigarettes makes vaping seem like a popular culture. Usually, filmmakers and smokers are welcoming what the society perceives as a stylish and healthier way of kicking the smoking habit or getting nicotine dose without exposing other people to secondhand smoke.

How do Vaping Celebrities Affect their Fans?

Vaping is now incorporated in contemporary society. Although some people believe that vaping is bad, media reports show that there is piling evidence to prove that vaping is less harmful than smoking. Movies are a powerful form of art. Therefore, when producers incorporate vaping scenes in movies, they influence the fans of the vaping actors and actresses to take up the same practice.

However, vaping scenes in a movie can influence a person to stop smoking traditional cigarettes and use an e cig instead. Currently, many movies feature vaping scenes. These will affect their viewers.

Do Films Promote Vaping or Simply Show the Latest Trends?

It can be argued that films do both. A film with a rating of PG-13 can't feature the main character with a traditional cigarette in hands in all scenes. However, most producers want their movies to have a PG-13 rating. That's because they want their films to have a broader audience. However, such regulations did not exist in the past. As such, older films feature more people smoking.

Since people see vaping as 'lame', movie producers allow actors to use different e cigs. It's impossible to say whether they feature the devices to promote vaping, show the latest trends, or get a PG-13 rating for their films. But, one thing that is clear is that vaping does not give a similar dramatic tension with smoking.

Popular Vaping Scenes in Movies

There are several vaping scenes that come out in contemporary movies. They include the following:

Dirty Grandpa           

In this movie, Zac Efron who is an upright lawyer is clearly seen in one party scene as he takes a drag from his all-in-one mod-style vape kit. This shows that he is experienced in vaping, but he is not concerned about the personalizing potential of high-end atomizers.

Drive Hard

John Cusack is seen in this movie as he vapes an e-liquid using a vape pen starter kit. This indicates that he is an experienced vaper or a person that wants to vape and go. John Cusack is also Simon Keller.

The Tourist   

When this movie starts, Angelina Jolie is seen boarding a train when he spots Frank Tupelo. Tupelo seats down as he reads a book while enjoying a puff from an electronic cigar. Because of the device, Tupelo's character is seen as being switched in an attempt to curb smoking or for merely being stuck in a train.

House of Cards        

Kevin Spacey plays the role of President Frank Underwood. In this film, he is seen vaping with one hand as he types away with the other while doing some work late in the evening. Frank is seen vaping throughout this show which indicates that he is either trying to end his smoking habit or he doesn't want the white house to smell like a club.

The Lazarus Effect   

Evan Peters who plays Clay in the Lazarus Effect film is spotted as he takes a quick drag from an e cig vaporizer. This device can be distinguished by a blue LED light that it produces on its tip. The scene tells the views that Clay enjoys vaping or he picks the device occasionally when the desire to smoke strikes.

The Bottom Line

It's apparent that vaping scenes in videos are common these days and it is expected that there will be more of them in future films. These will affect the fans of the actors and actresses that are seen vaping in movies. In addition to making vaping more popular, vaping scenes can even normalize the habit among non-smokers. Currently, no sufficient studies have conclusively studied the effects of these scenes on current and would-be vapers. Nevertheless, it is possible that these scenes will make more people see e vapor as something normal and safer than the traditional cigarette smoke.

About the author:

Margaret Wilson, a blogger who writes about the healthy way of life (healthy food, sports, motivation etc.)

Now she studies vaping as an alternative for people who are struggling with smoking.

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