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Best Korean Teen Drama for the Month of August

BY Staff Reporter | Aug 14, 2019 01:29 PM EDT

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One good teen drama that most Koreans would fell in love to while watching is the "Seventeen Year Old's Condition", wherein it only has four-episode series. The lead characters are Yoon Chan-young and Park Si-Eun.

The synopsis of the Korean teen drama gives the male character who is Yoon Chan-young as a silent male high school student. He does not talk that much that also portrays his character as way too sensitive. He always got the good grades he is aiming for, unlike the other typical male high school students he is no most likely to cause trouble in their school.

Onto the next lead character wh9o is Park Si-Eun, she also studies on the same school as to where Yoon Chan-young does. They both graduated from the same school during their middle classes. She is an ordinary and discreet female high school student. Her parents have divorced two years ago from the present time of her studies. Since it happened, she lived with her mother until now. 

It focuses on some accuracy events on how these teenagers face their battles and growth at an early age. They are both suffering from a condition that viewers will know very soon. In addition, both leading characters have already played a role in the drama series Thirty but Seventeen who became as Gong Woo Jin and young Woo Seo Ri. The genre of the Korean series is all about drama and romance.

Koreans always give time watching their favorite K-dramas that mend their emotions and feelings while watching. Although it is only a four-episode series still a good drama series for those people who admire to watch this kind of genre. It could give a response of showing an act of kindness because they are both suffering from a condition and viewers should think of what would be the next scene that will happen along the way. The K-drama series is every Mondays and Tuesdays on SBS and is written by Ryu Bo-Ri and directed by Jo Young-Min and the run time is every 22:00 KST. 

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