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Jung Woo of "Reply 1994" Is Dating "Red Family" co-star Kim Yoo Mi

BY Joan MacDonald | Nov 05, 2013 11:45 AM EST


It only took a few episodes of the nostalgic drama "Reply 1994" for actor Jung Woo's performance as the smart medical student Trash to create something called "Jung Woo syndrome." That syndrome is what happens when a kdrama actor attracts enough positive attention for people to start talking about his performance.

But such talk naturally led to a heightened interest in the actor's personal life. And it was only a short while before rumors about his love life made the news. First he was reported to be dating fashion designer Kim Jin, but he denied that rumor at the October press conference for his upcoming film "Red Family."

The actor did more than deny the rumor that Kim Jin was currently his girlfriend. They had dated in the past. Jung Woo said he was not dating anyone at the moment and wished he would get a girlfriend soon. That was a lie. He actually already had a girlfriend and was trying to protect her. His girlfriend just wasn't Kim Jin.

Soon fans learned the truth. The actor was dating actress Kim Yoo Mi, his "Red Family" co-star. Rumors spread that the two actors met last fall and have been dating for a year. Some said they even planned to marry next year.

Later Jung Woo said that he lied at the press conference because he did not want Kim Yoo Mi to suffer from any negative attention. The couple became close on set. And according to those who worked on the film, Kim Yoo Mi was attracted to Jung Woo's considerate personality and warm nature.

Their agencies recently confirmed that the two were dating but stressed that they had only dated for three months, not a year. And they had no plans yet to marry.

According to Jung Woo's agency, "It's true that they are dating but the marriage rumor is not true. They met through the movie "Red Family" and their friendship developed into something more".

Jung Woo made his debut in 2001 with "7 Nights," but did not become well known until 2009 when he appeared in the film "Wish." He was also seen in "Lee Soon Shin is the Best." It was the actor's work in "Wish" that brought him to the attention of the "Reply 1994" producer Sin Won Ho.

Kim Yoo Mi has appeared in several dramas such as "Life is Good," "God of War," and "Cruel City." She can also be seen in the films "The Window" and "Black Gospel."

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