“Time To Hunt” Cast Showcase Friendship in Behind-The-Scenes Photos

Time to Hunt
Ahn Jae Hong
Park Jung Min
Choi Woo Shik
Lee Je Hoon
“Time To Hunt” Cast Showcase Friendship in Behind-The-Scenes Photos (Photo : instagram)

Just recently, the South Korean crime-thriller film Time To Hunt released its global premiere on Netflix after deciding to postpone its release on theaters due to the current coronavirus pandemic.

Initially, the film was scheduled to be released in theaters on February 26, but it was indefinitely postponed due to the pandemic. Then, on March 23, the production released the announcement that Netflix would release the film on April 10.

After the announcement that the film would be premiering on Netflix, Contents Panda filed an injunction against Little Big Pictures, the distributor of the film, since Contents Panda was unilaterally notified of the termination of the contract. Also, none of the overseas distributors concluded an exclusive distribution agreement with the streaming site Netflix.

On April 16, all parties have reached an agreement of compensation deal with distributors, and the Court injunction was lifted. The film was premiered on Netflix last April 23.

Time To Hunt tells the story about the dystopian South Korea, where Jun Seok, portrayed by Lee Je-hoon, got out of prison for the past crime he and his friends mishandled. And the current currency of the Korean Won has crashed big time that resulted in a haul of their last job effectively worthless.

However, Jun Seok recommended one last heist to his friends Jang Ho and Ki Hoon. They have to do this crime for the three of them to escape from their unfortunate situations. The target of their mission is a gambling house, which keeps huge stacks of US dollars. For them to accomplish the mission, they hired Sang-Soo, who currently works in the gambling house.

Then, after planning hard, the team proceeded with their plans and was able to take a large sum of cash, including the gambling house's surveillance hard drives, which contains footage of illegal dealings between the gambling house's owners and various criminals. This made the gambling house's owners angry, and they hired killer Han to track down the four burglars and retrieve the stolen hard drives.

The drama released a sneak peek of the film's set unveiling some behind-the-scenes stills. The photo showed the tight relationship between the actors who evidently became close even before the filming started. The cast produced positive energy on the set while filming and they encouraged and relied on one each other like the close friends they portray in the film.

Actor Lee Je Hoon expressed that the filming experience was really fun and joyful. Ahn Jae Hong gave his comment stating that this is a project they made while counting on one another. Further, Park Jung Min stated shared his thoughts, saying that he really felt happy and excited about going on the set. And lastly, Choi Woo Shik added that there were a lot of improvisations, and the scenes wouldn't be achieved successfully without excellent teamwork.

The actors ended their talk by sharing a message of gratitude to Director Yoon Sung Hyun, stating, "There were no communication issues, and he allowed us to be really playful and free."

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