5 Breakthrough Korean Actresses in 2020

Kim Da Mi
Itaewon Class
Lee Joo Young
Baseball Girl
Han So Hee
The World of The Married
Jeon Mi Do
Hospital Playlist
Park Joo Hyun
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K-dramas don't stop to amaze viewers with unforgettable storylines, memorable OSTs, and these breakthrough Korean actresses in 2020. Let's take a look at these up-and-comers Korean stars who captured the hearts of the viewers with their significant roles and notable performances that made them shine brighter.

Kim Da Mi, 25

Kim Da Mi's lead female role as Jo Yi Seo in "Itaewon Class" was her first small screen drama performance. She entertained the viewers with her Yi Seo's charisma and fresh acting that garnered her an award as Best New Actress at the 56th Baeksang Arts Awards. Her breakthrough as a K-drama actress gave another opportunity for her fans to watch her act. Kim Da Mi had two lead roles in upcoming films "Soulmate" and "The Witch: Part 2" all set to release by 2021.

Lee Joo Young, 28

Lee Joo Young from an athlete to a transgender character proves her as a versatile actress in her generation. In her lead role as Joo Soo In an aspiring high school baseball player in the film "BaseBall Girl" made her a global rising actress. She won the Screen International Rising Star Award in the New York Asian Film Festival (NYAFF) 2020, which recognized Lee Joo Young's daring choices of acting roles and fierce commitment to every performance.

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Her recent role as a transgender chef in the hit drama "Itaewon Class" was also well praised for giving hope and inspiration to the LGBT community. Since 2014, Lee garnered three awards in the Best Actress category from different giving bodies from her previous works. The actress will soon appear in the upcoming drama "Times" set to air in 2021.

Han So Hee, 25

Han So Hee surprised us with her challenging role as Yeo Da Kyung in JTBC's "The World of the Married" 2020. Her efforts in performing as a young mistress turned legal wife for the drama was such a breakthrough in her career. It was a character that offers mixed emotions to the viewers and ultimately gained her place in the acting world.

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Her humble beginnings into the entertainment industry were known to the public yet her fans supported and protected her with much love. This was Han So Hee's second lead role in a drama and the character in the drama paved the way for a supporting role nomination.

After the drama ended, Han So Hee began to be featured in fashion magazines, a product endorser, and with an upcoming drama "Nemesis" to air in 2021.

Jeon Mi Do, 38

Jeon Mi Do was known for her various Korean musical stage play. Her first female lead role as Doctor Chae Song Hwa in the television series "Hospital Playlist" paved the way to her acting career. The character as Song Hwa gained a nomination in the Baeksang Arts Award. She performed one of the OST "I Knew I Love" in the drama which also reached on the real-time chart of Korea's largest site Melon. Jeon Mi Do is cast in the "Hospital Playlist" Season 2.

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Park Joo Hyun, 25

Park Joo Hyun debuted in 2019 in the film "The Dude In Me" as a supporting role. Her first television appearance was in the second lead character in the drama "A Piece of Your Mind", which aired in March 2020.

Park Joo Hyun surprised everyone with her striking performance in a lead female role as Bae Gyu Ri in Netflix's original "Extracurricular" aired in April 2020. The character was her key to more opportunities such as a new female lead role in an upcoming drama "The Zombie Detective" with actor Choi Jin Hyuk set to air at the end of September 2020.

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