Yeo Jin Goo Celebrates 15th Anniversary of His Debut Through Warm Instagram Post

Yeo Jin Goo
Yeo Jin Goo anniversary
(Photo : tvN)

Yeo Jin Goo is celebrating the 15th year anniversary of his debut today.

On the afternoon of October 20, Yeo Jin Goo posted a post and photo on his Instagram, saying, "Happy 15th Anniversary #Thank you #9oogram".

(Photo : Naver)

Yeo Jin Goo is a prominent South Korean actor who started in this industry from a very early age. Yeo Jin Goo began his career as a child actor, debuting in the film Sad Movie (2005). Nicknamed "Nation's Little Brother", he went on to play the younger characters of the lead roles in movies and television dramas, such as in A Frozen Flower (2008), Giant (2010), Moon Embracing The Sun (2012), and Missing You (2012).

He is known for playing the title character in the action thriller Hwayi: A Monster Boy (2013), for which he won Best New Actor at the Blue Dragon Film Awards.

Yeo Jin Goo
(Photo : Naver)

Since then, he has taken on lead roles in the films Shoot Me in The Heart (2015), The Long Way Home (2015), and Warriors of The Dawn (2017). He has also starred in the dramas Orange Marmalade (2015), The Royal Gambler (2016), Circle (2017), Reunited Worlds (2017), The Crowned Clown (2019), My Absolute Boyfriend (2019), and Hotel Del Luna (2019). The series was a commercial success and consistently topped the ratings in its timeslot against cable and public channels.

Yeo Jin Goo also earned positive reviews for his performance in the dual roles in The Crowned Clown.

Yeo Jin Goo
(Photo : JANUS)

He has won over 17 awards in his acting career and nominated for even more. His appeal has remained unwavering ever since he was a child actor until now and he has shown unique versatility in the roles he has taken on over the ages.

Today marks the 15th anniversary of his debut and he is one of the youngest actors to have completed that many years in the Korean entertainment industry. 

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