Nam Joo Hyuk Celebrates His 27th Birthday — Here are Some of His K-Dramas You Should Binge On

Nam Joo Hyuk
Who Are You - School 2015
Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo
Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo
The Bride of Habaek

It is a special day for one of the hottest heartthrobs in Kdramaland. Model and actor Nam Joo Hyuk is celebrating his 27th birthday today!

Nam Joo Hyuk, a Multifaceted Star

Nam Joo Hyuk started his career as a model, but it turned out that acting will become his real stage. He is more than just a handsome face. For being a multitalented artist, the 27-year-old heartthrob has faced his journey with lots of determination and hard work. Every project is a stepping stone to his destination of building his own name in the industry.

Through the years of acting on the small screen, there were roles of him that were already stuck in the eyes of many and embraced by the viewers.

After portraying the role of Nam Do San in the hit drama "Start Up," Korean version of the American series "Silicon Valley," Nam Joo Hyuk has gained another opportunity to showcase his talent. And as his fans celebrate his special day, you can join them by binge-watching his previous drama projects!

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"Who Are You: School 2015"

As someone who is just starting out his journey in the industry, Nam Joo Hyuk showed off his athletic side as he played the role of an aspiring swimmer Han Yi An in "School 2015," a campus drama that tells the story of the identical twins Go Eun Byul and Lee Eun Bi, both played by actress Kim So Hyun.

BTOB's Youngjae was also in this drama. This series gave a big break for Nam Joo Hyuk to become more familiar in the eyes of the viewers. Plus, you can see how good Nam Joo Hyuk is at swimming!

"Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo"

Just a year after he finished "School 2015," Nam Joo Hyuk was able to join the cast of the star-studded drama "Scarlet Heart Ryeo," a fantasy-romance drama that captivated the audience with its unique story and notable acting performances from its main leads. The 27-year-old actor portrayed the role of Wang Baek Ah, the 13th Prince, a sweet and charming guy who will do everything just to make his woman happy.

Many were actually asking for this drama to have its second season, that's why, before it happened, start binge-watching this series first!

"Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo"

One of the highly-anticipated team-ups in the Kdramaland was Nam Joo Hyuk and Lee Sung Kyung. Their chemistry was just too perfect to enjoy watching. This university campus drama tells the stories of college students, pursuing their own chosen career paths as athletes. This drama will give you lots of happy vibes, the importance of friendship, and ready your budget because you will be craving for flavored fried chickens while watching the series! Swag!

"The Bride of Habaek"

As he played the character of Ha Baek, a self-centered water god who came down to Earth in search to find divine stones, Nam Joo Hyuk's overflowing visuals in this drama is one of the things you should look forward to. His chemistry with actress Shin Se Kyung also stood out!

"Start Up"

"Start Up" is Nam Joo Hyuk's most recent drama that made lots of buzz every week. The battle of Team Do San (Nam Joo Hyuk) and Team Ji Pyeong (Good boy), played by Kim Seon Ho, really dominated the online community. But take note, this drama is more than just showing love to the special people in your life, because it will also give you lots of inspiration in pursuing your dreams. No matter how hard the first step of your journey is, always believe in yourself and in your capabilities that everything you dreamt of can become your reality soon. Of course, you will also need helping hands from the people close to you!

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Which among these dramas is your favorite? Let us know in the comments section!

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Written by Shai Collins

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