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The "Penthouse 2" continues to make waves as the most talked about Korean drama since its debut.

As the hit SBS suspense drama series maintains its reign as the leading evening program, rumors sparked that it will end with a special broadcast.

The "Penthouse 2" Set to Wrap Up with a Special Season Ender

In a new report, "Penthouse 2" might possibly have a special broadcast just like in season 1.


Set to air on April 3, the special season-ender will center on cast members, their experiences, and the behind-the-scenes of the drama.

Aside from this, the "Penthouse 2" special episode will be hosted by Shin Dong-yeop.

To recall, the comedian also hosted the season 1 special, dubbed as the "Penthouse Hidden Room-Hidden Story."

"Penthouse Hidden Room-Hidden Story" Scored High Viewership Ratings

At the time, multiple outlets cited that the SBS drama's special episode received high viewership ratings.

According to Nielsen Korea, the season-ender garnered 9.8% viewership based on national household ratings.

Moreover, the "Penthouse Hidden Room-Hidden Story" gained the public's attention because they also released the much-awaited sneak peek of "Penthouse 2," which piqued the interest of the viewers.

Aside from its skyrocketing viewership, the special broadcast also featured nine main characters as they wrapped up the first season with hosts Shin Dong Yeop and Jang Do Yeon.

The cast who appeared on the season-ender includes Lee Ji Ah (ShimSoo Ryun,) Kim So Yeon (Cheon Seo Jin,) Yoon Jong Hoon (Ha Yoon Chul,) Eugene (Oh Yoon Hee,) Uhm Ki Joon (Joo Dan Tae,) Shin Eun Kyung (Kang Ma Ri,) Yoon Joo Hee (Go Sang Hee,) Bong Tae Kyu (Lee Gyu Jin) and lastly, Park Eun Seok as Logan Lee.

Other than the lead stars, six "Penthouse" kids cast were also featured on the show alongside host Jae-Jae.

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"Penthouse" Season 3 Said to Air in June

As the highest rating Korean drama is about to end, rumors circulated that "Penthouse" Season 3 is set to debut this June.

Although an official revealed to Star News that "nothing has been decided," the upcoming season is expected to have 12 episodes and will be aired only once a week.

Moreover, Kim So Yeon, Lee Ji Ah, Eugene, Um Ki Jon, Park Eun Seok, and Yoon Jong Hoon are most likely to continue as the main character for the forthcoming season.

Directed by Joo Dong Min and written by Kim Sun-Ok, the "Penthouse" revolves around the story of the upper-class family living in a luxury penthouse apartment with over 100 floors known as the Hera Palace.

In addition, it illustrates the alliance and revenge of women who had no choice but to become evil women to protect themselves and their children.

"Penthouse 2" Scored Consecutive No. 1 Rating Since Debut

The latest episode of "Penthouse 2" sustains its top spot as the most-watched Korean drama with an average nationwide rating of 21.5 percent and 25.2 percent for its two parts, as cited by Nielsen Korea.

Furthermore, the SBS suspense drama upholds its popularity among the demographic of viewers ages 20 to 49, with an average rating of 11.9 percent.

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Written by Geca Wills

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