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More BTS Fun With The Cast Of “The Heirs”

BY Chin D | Nov 12, 2013 08:52 AM EST


The cast members of "The Heirs" seem to enjoy filming the drama as much as the viewers enjoy watching it.

According to representatives from Hwa N Dam Pictures, the creators of the drama, "The teamwork among the cast members and staff is getting better as each day passes and it creates an interesting energy on set."

In the behind-the-scenes photos, the young stars of the drama are seen taking pictures of each other while they're not filming. Lee Min Ho and Choi Jin Hyuk may portray brothers who don't have a good relationship, but the actors are warm and friendly with each other. The younger members of the cast such as Krystal, Minhyuk, Hyungsik and even the main character Park Shin Hye are also seen goofing around with each other while they pretend to be cameramen.

Meanwhile, a video footage of the Park Shin Hye and Krystal was also released. On the official Twitter of the drama, it said, "This is the least we could do for the fans of the drama. After the interest on Lee Min Ho and Kim Woo Bin's previous video, we now release Park Shin Hye and Krystal's video. You will all support the drama right?"

Park Shin Hye said, "It saddened me to see them bloodied after the fight. Many of us are friends of the same age so filming on set is fun and interesting."

Catch the chemistry of the cast on "The Heirs" every Wednesdays and Thursdays on SBS.

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