Ready for 'Penthouse 3'? Here are 3 'Makjang' K-Dramas You Should Watch before the Much-Awaited Trilogy

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Top-rating Korean drama "Penthouse 3" is about to feature another exceptional and heart-stopping scenes featuring its powerhouse cast. With just one day away from the highly anticipated premiere, the SBS drama's third season is slated to debut this June 4.

As the thrilling saga of the people at Hera Palace, fans would get to see their favorite lead stars such as Kim So Yeon, Eugene, Lee Ji Ah, Uhm Ki Joon, Park Eun Seok, and more, plus two additional cast members Park Ho San and Ohn Joo Wan.

It is safe to say that the soon-to-be-released series is one of the best "makjang" dramas as it depicts bold and jaw-dropping revenge scenes as the drama unfolds.

However, before the highly anticipated sequel, check out these three "makjang" K-dramas that are similar to "Penthouse 3: War In Life."

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"The World of Married"

Topping the list is another megahit drama, "The World of Married."

The Korean remake of BBC One TV series "Doctor Foster" stars Park Hae Joon, Kim Hee Ae, and the up and coming star Han So Hee.

The revenge drama illustrates the marriage fallout between aspiring director Lee Tae Oh (Park Hae Joon) and his doting wife and associate hospital director Ji Sun Woo (Kim Hee Ae).

Little did they know that their almost perfect family is about to go down because of her husband's secret affair with the beautiful and young Da Kyung (Han So Hee), who is a daughter of a wealthy business mogul.

"Sky Castle"

Aired in November 2018, "Sky Castle" features a roster of talented stars including Yeom Jung Ah, Lee Tae Ran, Yoon Se Ah, and "Racket Boys" star Oh Na Ra.

The mystery drama follows the story of four housewives living an extravagant lifestyle.

If "Penthouse: War in Life" has Hera Palace, this JTBC drama has a luxurious residential area called "Sky Castle" located in the heart of Seoul.

Aside from having a luxurious life, the women are driven with materialistic desires and determined to make their husbands influential and powerful in the upper-class society while raising their children as the top students.

"Love in Sadness"

Last on the 'majkang' Kdrama list the 2019 MBC series "Love in Sadness."

This thriller revenge drama stars Ryu Soo Young as the wealthy Kang In Wook, who is married to his devoted wife Yoon Ma Ri played by Park Han Byul.

Despite their fortune, Park Han Byul lives in an unhappy marriage and is constantly being beaten by her chaebol husband.

Fortunately, she reached her limit and decided to take her sweet revenge.

She then reached out to plastic surgeon Seo Jung Won, portrayed by Ji Hyun Woo, in hopes of taking her vengeance as she lives a new life.

Do you know other "makjang" K-dramas worth watching? Tell us in the comments!

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