‘Birth of a Beauty’ Star Han Ye Seul Tops Celebrities with Most Expensive Items + Song Joong Ki Reportedly Owns a $41,000 Watch

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(Photo : Han Ye Seul and Song Joong Ki Official Instagram)

Mnet's "TMI NEWS" names 14 South Korean stars who were caught wearing the most expensive items. 

It's customary for some K-drama stars and idols to get their hands on luxurious items and top-of-the-line accessories, but these stars spend their fortune on unbelievably costly pieces with jaw-dropping price tags. 

With this said, here's the rundown of the list of celebrities with the most expensive items, according to TMI News. 

Han Ye Seul

Owning the first spot is the "Birth of the Beauty" star, who recently launched her own cosmetic line, reportedly owns a staggering $3,500,000 or 4 billion won for a single piece of jewelry. 

According to the variety show, the lavish accessory is from Company C. 

Apart from her jewelry collection, the 39-year-old actress is also a proud owner of a "500 million won" purple Lamborghini, which she flaunted on Han Ye Seul's Instagram. 

Han Ye Seul
(Photo : Han Ye Seul Official Instagram)

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Youn Yuh Jung

Landing in second place is the Oscar winner Youn Yuh Jung. 

The "Minari" star was spotted sporting a total of $2,700,000 jewelry, including bracelets, rings, and earrings at the 93rd Academy Awards, where she took home the Best Supporting Actress trophy. 

Youn Yuh Jung
(Photo : Chris Pizzello-Pool/Getty Images)

Gong Hyo Jin

Another award-winning actress who made it to the list is Gong Hyo Jin. 

The "When the Camellia Blooms" star reportedly owned a piece of necklace amounting to over $600,000 or 693 million won. 

Gong Hyo Jin
(Photo : Gong Hyo Jin/Instagram)

Rapper Simon Dominic 

South Korean hip hop star Simon Dominic ranked four after spotted donning an estimated $437,000 pair of watch. 

Rapper Simon Dominic
(Photo : Simon Dominic Official Instagram)

Park Sooyoung (Red Velvet's Joy)

Joining the list of Korean stars with the most expensive item is Red Velvet's Joy, which sits at the fifth spot. 

The 24-year-old singer reportedly owns a diamond necklace worth 447 million won or almost $ 400,000. 

Red Velvet's Joy
(Photo : Red Velvet's Joy Official Instagram)

Go So Young

Following the Red velvet member is K-drama actress Go So Young at sixth place. 

She is an owner of a $350,000 or 400 million won necklace. 

Cho Yeo Jun

"Parasite" star Cho Yeo Jun ranked seventh and reportedly owned an estimated $200,000 or 260 million won necklace.

Kim Hee Ae

Veteran actress Kim Hee Ae owned the eighth spot with her $194,000 or 222.35 million won necklace. 

Jung Yong Hwa

Coming in the ninth spot is Jung Yong Hwa.

The singer, songwriter, producer, and actor reportedly owns a watch worth $140,000 or 160 million won.

BTS' Jin

Interestingly, the list would not be complete without a BTS member. 

BTS' Jin made it to the top 10 because of his $98,000 or 111.5 million won R watch, which he wore during the smash hit "Butter" music video. 

Song Joong Ki

Joining at eleventh place is Song Joong Ki with his massive watch collection. 

According to the show, the "Vincenzo" star's most expensive watch costs a staggering $41,000 or 47 million won just for a single accessory. 


Next to the South Korean Heartthrob is singer-actress IU. 

The "Hotel Del Luna" star, who landed on the twelth spot, reportedly owns $23,000 earrings from an Italian luxury brand, which she wore during the 35th Golden Disc Awards. 

Han Hyo Joo

"W" star Han Hyo Joo entered at top 13 with her 21,000or 23.7 million won earrings. 

Jang Ki Yong

Lastly, capping off the list of Korean stars with the most expensive items is Jang Ki Yong. 

The "My Roommate Is a Gumiho" lead star reportedly wore a $15,200 or 17.4 million won watch. 

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