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Song Joong Ki is one of the most sought-after actors in his generation and not to mention among the hottest K-drama stars.

However, just like a normal human being, he revealed that he was once a jealous type of person.

In the latest Youtube video, Song Joong Ki's agency History D&C uploaded a clip where the actor talked about his personal life, including his experiences.

Song Joong Ki Recalls What Made Him Choose Acting

In the almost 11-minute video, the "Vicenzo" star gets candid and opens up about his past and what got him into acting.

The South Korean heartthrob first spoke about entering showbiz.

He recalled how he would ask his parents to send him to an acting school but could not remember what made him choose acting instead of sports or other hobbies.

Interestingly, he also spoke about the first time he auditioned for a cable drama and luckily got in.

SJK admits that he wasn't nervous because he did not expect that he would get accepted.

"It was a group audition for new actors. I was so sure that I wouldn't pass. I was just here to gain some experience, so I wasn't nervous. I guess that's how I got a good result," he recalled.

To recall, Song Joong Ki made his debut as an actor in 2008 and landed several notable dramas under his belt.

This includes the 2016 mega-hit K-drama "Descendants of the Sun" followed by the "Arthdal Chronicles" and his recent drama "Vincenzo."

Song Joong Ki Got Starstrucked with Veteran Actor Sung Dong Il

As the candid chat continued, the 35-year-old A-lister shared his experience on his first-ever lead role. It was the 2010 film "Hearty Paws 2" alongside the lovable Labrador Maeumee.

He admitted that at the time, he was nervous and doubted himself if he was capable of portraying the role.

Moreover, he mentioned that he got starstruck by the veteran actor Sung Dong Il.

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Song Joong Ki Spoke About Overcoming Pressure and Challenges as an Actor

As the interview gets deeper, the award-winning actor revealed that up to now, he sometimes feels hesitant and scared if he would be able to give justice to the character.

Song Joong Ki would often beat himself overthinking and even went to a point where he got on set without sleep because of jitters.

"Despite how much I encourage myself and say I can do it, I still questioned myself," he mentioned, adding, "I think I was really pressured that time. "

To overcome this, he had a mindset that despite the hate or dislike by viewers, he would continue to remind himself that he is "doing well."

Now, he revealed that he would try to compliment himself and avoid pushing not to make any mistakes."

Song Joong Ki on Jealousy and Comparing Self to Others

Song Joong Ki then admitted that he used to compare himself to others, especially during his early years in showbiz, but luckily, he slowly overcame it.

"I compared myself to others a lot, and I often felt jealous. Now, if I rate my comparing behavior on a scale of 1 to 100, then I think I used to be a 90 in the past. Now, I think I'm under 10," the actor explained.

The 35-year-old South Korean star has two upcoming dramas these coming years--this includes JTBC's webtoon-based drama "The Youngest Son of a Conglomerate" alongside "Hospital Playlist" actress Shin Hyun Bin and "Arthdal Chronicles: Season 2."

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Written by Geca Wills

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