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Ji Sung (Kang Yo Han) becomes suspicious of Kim Min Jung's aggressive and competitive behavior towards him in The Devil Judge Episode 5. GOT7's Jinyoung (Kim Ga On), on the other hand, has recovered and returned to work.

Kang Yo Han Haunted by Isaac in His Dream

Years later and Kang Yo Han (Ji Sung) remains haunted by Isaac through his dreams and imaginations. As soon as he woke up, Kim Ga On (GOT7's Jinyoung) entered his room and was surprised to see the same face that reminds him of Isaac.

Ji Sung
(Photo : tvN's Official Instagram)
(Photo : tvN's Official Instagram)

Kim Ga On Returns, Becomes a Star Overnight

In The Devil Judge Episode 5, Cha Kyung Hee (Jang Young Nam) paid a visit to her son in the detention room. Seeing her son in a cruel situation fueled her to make a move.

During her interview, she tried to be regretful of her previous actions to deceive the public and even shed tears as part of her scheme.

While watching Cha Kyung Hee, Kang Yo Han got curious if someone is helping her to protect her son.

Kim Ga On thought that Kang Yo Han would kick him out of work because of his behavior towards him last time, but he was relieved to know that he would return to court after Kang Yo Han said that he enjoys working with him.

When Kim Ga On arrived in his office, his colleague, Oh Jin Joo (Kim Jae Kyung), welcomed him and showed the gifts and letters delivered by his fans.

Yoon Su Hyun, Kim Ga On Reminisce Their Younger Years

After Kim Ga On returned, he called Yoon Su Hyun (Park Gyu Young) and went to Detective Park (Kim Kwang Sik), the only person who knew what happened in the Verena Church Fire years ago where Kang Yo Han's brother, Isaac, died.

Yoon Su Hyun asked Detective Park about the money assistance he got and to whom he is getting those financial support in running his restaurant business. But he was persistent not to say any word to them.

Not until Kim Ga On mentioned the Social Responsibility Foundation - this made the older detective run away from the two.

The chase had begun, but they failed to catch Detective Park. After a tiring chase, Kim Ga On remembered the time he was caught in the middle of a fight during their teenage years and Yoon Su Hyun was also the only person who was there by his side.

The Devil Judge Episode 5 showed how Yoon Su Hyun desires to protect Kim Ga On, and this is the reason why she entered the Police Academy.

As events unfolding are now more challenging, Kim Ga On asked Yoon Su Hyun to detach herself from handling cases related to the powerful officials in their country as it will put her in danger.

But the lady detective said it's already too late for him to stop her from doing what she wants. For Yoon Su Hyun, protecting her best friend Kim Ga On is always her priority.

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Jung Sun A Attends Kang Yo Han's Trial

Kang Yo Han and his team was given a new case about an actor who sexually assaulted some of his workmates. Kang Yo Han became suspicious of this new case.

In the middle of the trial, a familiar figure entered the courtroom.

'The Devil Judge' Stills
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Jung Sun A (Kim Min Jung) made a surprise appearance, which shocked Kang Yo Han. But at the same time, this gave him clues on the mystery that surrounds her.

Seeing her presence made Yo Han think that the case he is handling was a set up to change his image in the eyes of the public. But he proved her wrong and made a wise decision of giving the offender a verdict of 20 years imprisonment, and a punishment that he deserves. 

This time, Kang Yo Han did manage to win people's hearts.

Kang Yo Han Reunites with His Past

Kang Yo Han received an invitation from the Social Responsibility Foundation, which he attended. However, at the venue, he found himself stuck in a big room filled with memorabilia.

Ji Sung and Kim Min Jung
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The door opened and he heard the sound of a woman's footsteps heading towards him. That person hugged him from behind.

This time, Kang Yo Han was not anymore surprised to see Jung Sun A, but he was still curious about her identity and why she keeps on watching over him.

Jung Sun A introduced herself, clad in her beautiful floral white dress, and showed a familiar cross necklace.

Kang Yo Han was shocked by what he saw - it was the necklace of the young woman who used to be a maid in Isaac's mansion.

At that moment, Kang Yo Han realized that Jung Sun A was the person who he shared some of his sorrowful days with in the past.

The judge reunited with his past through Jung Sun A. Before the episode ended, Jung Sun A gave Kang Yo Han a passionate kiss.

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