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On July 21, PENTAGON's Hongseok shared why he chose 'Blue Birthday' as his next drama project.

'Blue Birthday' Concept Poster
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The new fantasy mystery drama's genre is what attracted Hongseok to the project. The idol and actor reasoned that he was fascinated by this project right after he finished reading the script.

Blue Birthday Still
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Red Velvet’s Yeri Displays Her Immersive Acting in Latest ‘Blue Birthday’ Trailer

'Blue Birthday' follows a non-linear narrative style that lets the story go back and forth between the past and present times through the photos Ji Seo Jun (played by PENTAGON's Hongseok) left behind after passing away.

Hongseok described his character Seoyeon High School student Ji Seo Jun as "someone who is warm and affectionate, studies well and good at sports".

Blue Birthday Still
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After thoroughly analyzing Ji Seo Jun's (Hongseok) character, the actor shared that although Ji Seo Jun looks perfectly fine on the outside, there's a lonely side hidden behind his facade. "I have an empty and lonely hole inside my heart that I don't want the others to find out," he said.

PENTAGON's Hongseok and His Preparations for 'Blue Birthday'

The idol and actor shared how he prepared himself for taking on the role of a high school student. Since his character Ji Seo Jun has a cold shell yet irresistible charm, Hongseok said he prepared his bangs and wore Seoyeon High School's school uniform as neatly as he can.

According to him, he paid extra effort and attention to the tone of his acting so he could express his character's emotions and feelings really well.

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"I tried to make myself look physically good for the drama project," Hongseok joked with a laugh.

PENTAGON's Hongseok on Collaborating with Red Velvet's Yeri

Hongseok and Yeri first met at the first script reading of the drama, where they get to know each other and the rest of the production team. According to Hongseok, co-star Yeri has a likable personality.

Red Velvet Yeri
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Red Velvet’s Yeri Displays Her Immersive Acting in Latest ‘Blue Birthday’ Trailer

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Because the two actors grew closer during filming, Hongseok shared, "I was able to internalize my character Seo Jun and Ha Rin's (Red Velvet's Yeri) 10 years of friendship and closeness

Hongseok concluded, "It is a work that I really had fun filming, I really put myself into it so I hope 'Blue Birthday' and my hard work can be seen in the project."

'Blue Birthday' Releases New Photo Cuts

On the same day, 'Blue Birthday' released four new photos of the main leads for the upcoming drama.

'Blue Birthday' Concept Poster
(Photo : Playlist Originals)
'Blue Birthday' Concept Poster
(Photo : Playlist Originals)

The two actors, Hongseok and Yeri, showed youthful and vibrant looks in each photo.

Fans who have been waiting for its release left comments full of love and compliments for the two.

'Blue Birthday' will be released on Naver TV and on YouTube on August 6.
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Watch 'Blue Birthday' Teaser here:

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