Can't Take It Anymore Warm Scene

Can't Take It Anymore
Kim So Young
Bang Eun Hee

Rookie actors Kim Young Jae in "Can't Take It Anymore" released cute couple pictures of scripts.

Kim Young Jae said on November 14th on Sidus HQ Me Today, "JTBC daily drama "Can't Take It Anymore's Cute Rebel Kim Young Jae! Mother Bang Eun Hee's Loveliness - Full Hearts!  Girlfriend Kim So Young's Cute V Pose!  The nice filming set vibe is all the way here!  "Can't Take It Anymore" Please love it more!" and posted pictures with a writing.

In the released picture, Kim Young Jae transforms into a part-time student in the car wash and is wearing a jump suit and doing work as he is posing with the other actors without any awkwardness.

In particular, Bang Eun Hee is making a heart with her arms and putting her arms around Kim So Yeon like a real couple with a cute V pose creating a warm filming environment.

In the drama, Kim Young Jae appears as Hwang Jae Min, the son of Sunwoo Jae Duk and is attracting viewers' attention with his great acting and rebellious spirit.  In addition, he is playing a great niche role with a cuteness that he is born with though he is not great at studying.

Meanwhile, the channel JTBC's daily drama "Can't Take It Anymore" features rookie actor Kim Young Jae, Paek Il Sup, Sunwoo Yong Nyuh, Sunwoo Jae Duk, Bang Eun Hee, Lee Yeol Eum, and Kim So Young and is broadcast every night at 8:15PM.

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