‘My Roommate Is A Gumiho’ Star Jang Ki Yong’s Fans Sponsor Independent Films Under His Name For His Birthday + 2 Fun Facts About The Actor

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Jang Ki Yong
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On August 7, "My Roommate Is A Gumiho" actor Jang Ki Yong turned 30. As a celebration for his special day, his fans sponsored Indie Space, South Korea's first cinema dedicated to independent films under his name.

Jang Ki Yong's Fans Sponsor Indie Space Under The Actor's Name

On his birthday, his fans sponsored Indie Space, South Korea's first cinema catered for independent films to celebrate the actor's special day.

Jang Ki Yong
(Photo : Jang Ki Yong Official Instagram)

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Indie Space has been showing various independent films in South Korea since the year 2007 through exhibitions, screenings, and also sponsorships where an actor's name is engraved on the seat of Indie Space theaters.

Jang Ki Yong's name has been engraved on a nameplate on the G4 seat of the Indie Space theater to cheer and support the South Korean independent film industry. The gesture is expected to positively impact the actor's career and the film industry, both independent and domestic.

Jang Ki Yong as A Promising Actor in Today's Time

The "Sweet and Sour" actor proved he is one of the most promising actors in his generation, after starring in numerous top-rating and smash-hit dramas "It's Okay, That's Love," "The Liar and His Lover," "Come and Hug Me," and "Born Again." Jang Ki Yong also became a hot topic worldwide after playing the role of the handsome men in "Love In The Moonlight" actress Chae Soo Bin and f(x)'s Krystal's lives in Netflix's romantic comedy film "Sweet & Sour."  The 30-year-old actor, despite his humble self, has had several awards under his belt since 2018. 

He recently swept fans and viewers off their feet in his recent drama "My Roommate Is A Gumiho" with his leading lady Girl's Day's Hyeri.

Jang Ki Yong and Hyeri
(Photo : tvN's Official Instagram)
Actors Song Hye Kyo and Jang Ki Yong
(Photo : Song Hye Kyo & Jang Ki Yong Instagram)

Jang Ki Yong will be appearing in SBS TV's upcoming drama series "Now, We Are Breaking Up" opposite "Descendants of the Sun" actress Song Hye Kyo, EXO's Sehun, and Girl's Day's Yura.

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"Now, We Are Breaking Up" will be his last appearance on the small screen before enlisting for the military.

Fun Facts You Ought To Know About Actor Jang Ki Yong

Jang Ki Yong is an Award-Winning Model

The 30-year-old actor started his career as a model in 2012 and won the Fashion Model Award at the 2014 Asian Model Awards.

Jang Ki Yong also walked the runway for top designers and luxury brands.

As he wants to break the stereotype that beautiful models can't act, he took his shot and ventured into acting. He also influenced "Start-Up" actor Nam Joo-hyuk to become a model. Now, they are one of the most sought-after models and actors in the South Korean film industry.

Jang Ki Yong Can Sing

Interestingly, Jang Ki Yong is an outstanding actor and model; he can also sing and rap. A total package.

He once sang for his dramas "The Liar and His Lover" and "Come and Hug Me" and showcased his hidden talent in variety shows.

The model and actor also appeared in several music videos, "Red Shoes" and "Friday," to name a few.

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