Kim Ji Woo “It’s Been A While Since I Filmed and I was Nervous”

Kim Ji Woo
One Warm Word

Actress Kim Ji Soo expressed her determination returning to acting after two years in the new SBS Monday/Tuesday drama "One Warm Word" (script Ha Young Hee, director Choi Young Woon).

Kim Ji Soo plays the role of Song Mi Kyung in "One Warm Word" as a wife that tires so hard to change her husband's heart that has changed.  The first filming finished in Kyeonggido Paju on November 3rd.  Despite the extreme cold that was sudden, Kim Ji Soo came out to the set and said hello to each other staff members.

As much as it's the first filming, Kim Ji Soo talked a lot about the scenes with producer Choi Young Hoon and perfected the scene as she would wash her husband's car before work and express her views and position about her husband's affairs in a firm yet quiet way to become Song Mi Kyung.

These were heavy scenes so the staff had thought the filming would last until the afternoon but Kim Ji Soo perfected the character before the morning was over and the staff was surprised and applauded her passion.

Kim Ji Soo finished filming well and said, "I was nervous as I haven't filmed in a while.  The script was tight and the environment on set was great so I'll try hard to make a great drama."

The role of Son Mi Kyung played by Kim Ji Soo is one of a great wife who supports her successful husband and two sons as she's strong on the insie.  Kim Ji Soo said, "I'll melt into the role of Song Mi Kyung and show great acting" and asked viewers for support and high expectations.

"One Warm Word" features Kim Ji Soo, Han Hae Jin, Ji Jin Hee, Lee Sang Woo, Park Se Joon, Han Geu Roo, Yoon Joo Hee, and Yoon Jong Wha along with other younger actors.  It also features veteran actors Go Doo Shim, Yoon Joo Sang and Park Jung Soo as it shows two couples that try to keep their families together as they tread the line and it is an emotional thriller drama.

"One Warm Word" will be broadcast after "The Suspicious Housekeeper" at 10PM on December 2nd for the first time.

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