Kim Min Jae, Park Gyu Young, and Kwon Yool Display Interesting Chemistry in KBS’ ‘Dal Li and Gamja-tang’ First Script Reading

Dal Li and Gamja-tang
Kim Min Jae
Park Gyu Young
Kwon Yool
Dal Li Gamja-tang First Script Reading
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Ahn Se Ha

The forthcoming KBS series "Dal Li Gamja-tang" had its first script reading, and these newly unveiled behind-the-scenes photos will excite you to watch the drama.

KBS Drops the Behind the Scenes Snaps During Dal Li Gamja-tang's First Script Reading

On August 16, broadcasting station KBS released sets of snaps showing the small but warm first meeting of the "Dal Li Gamja-tang" cast.

According to the report, the drama's first script reading session occurred in April 2021, where actors Kim Min Jae, Park Gyu Young, Kwon Yool, Yeonwoo, Woo Hee Jin, Hwang Hee, Ahn Kil Kang, Hwang Bo Ra, and Ahn Se Ha were all present.

And of course, director Lee Jung Sub was happy to meet the people whom he is about to work with in the upcoming months. He did mention during the script reading that he is very thankful to be able to work with such talented and excellent actors. Lee Jung Sub added, "I'll make sure to create a happy and warm environment where we can always enjoy work with smiles."

Expect for Kim Min Jae and Park Gyu Young's Interesting Chemistry

Lead actor Kim Min Jae will be playing Jin Mu Hak's role, whose family acquires a restaurant of gamja-tang (kind of spicy pork stew) which soon grew into a global foods corporation Don Don F&B. This project marks his drama return following "Do You Like Brahms?" in 2020.

Dal Li Gamjatang First Script Reading - Kim Min Jae
(Photo : KBS Official Instagram)

With his delicate and detailed acting, Kim Min Jae has shown a first glimpse of Jin Mu Hak's comical and serious charms.

Dal Li Gamjatang First Script Reading - Park Gyu Young
(Photo : KBS Official Instagram)

Opposite him is "The Devil Judge" star Park Gyu Young. Looking sweet and charming, the female lead immerses herself in Kim Dal Li's character. An art museum director who was born in a wealthy family. She is considered superior and classy, Dal Li is also proficient in different languages. While reading the script, Park Gyu Young perfectly projected her new role.

Dal Li Gamjatang First Script Reading - Kwon Yool
(Photo : KBS Official Instagram)

Actor Kwon Yool takes on the role of Tae Jin, a smart company director who will become Jin Mu Hak's greatest enemy.

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Get to Know the Other Dal Li Gamja-tang's Cast

Joining them is "Tale of the Nine Tailed" star Hwang Hee, who is expected to play as Won Tak, a police officer and childhood friend of Jin Mu Hak. "Live On" actress Yeon Woo takes on the role of Chak Hee, a talented curator who is linked to Jin Mu Hak.

Dal Li Gamjatang First Script Reading
(Photo : KBS Official Instagram)

One of the drama's officials shared that they are very grateful for the actors' passion and determination in showing perfect chemistry during their first meeting. The synergy that each and everyone of the cast have during the reading session excites them.

Dal Li Gamjatang First Script Reading
(Photo : KBS Official Instagram)
Dal Li Gamjatang First Script Reading
(Photo : KBS Official Instagram)

He added that the whole team will work together with enthusiasm from start to end in order to produce a good drama.

Dal Li Gamjatang First Script Reading
(Photo : KBS Official Instagram)

"Dal Li Gamja-tang" is scheduled to air sometime in September and will occupy the Wednesday and Thursday primetime slots.

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