Song Hye Kyo, Kim Nam Gil, and Honey Lee to Dominate the SBS Primetime with Their Upcoming K-dramas

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Song Hye Kyo, Kim Nam Gil, and Honey Lee to Dominate the SBS Primetime with their Upcoming K-dramas (Photo : Song Hye Kyo's Instagram | News1 | Honey Lee's Instagram)

The first half of 2021 indeed gave the fans a lot of exciting and top-notch Korean dramas. Old and new artists were able to showcase their talents through various projects. Now that a new month has begun, new lists of series are bound to dominate again the weekdays and weekends slots.

Three of these soon-to-be-released K-dramas also stars the ever-talented actors that made their names in the industry. Song Hye Kyo and "The Fiery Priest" stars Kim Nam Gil and Honey Lee are expected to have their solo drama comebacks in the SBS primetime that will occupy the Friday-Saturday slots.

Honey Lee - 'One The Woman'

Former Miss Korea, Lee Ha Nee, professionally known as Honey Lee is finally back in K-dramaland. She has been loyal to SBS and will have her drama return with them after three years of hiatus.

Honey Lee
(Photo : Honey Lee's Instagram)

Her previous drama under the same broadcasting company was in 2019 with "The Fiery Priest" where she shared the frame with actor Kim Nam Gil. Their drama has achieved the highest viewership ratings during its broadcast and even some of the cast were able to take home various awards due to the said series.

'One the Woman'
(Photo : SBS)

Honey Lee is yet to unveil another strong character in "One The Woman." She will be playing the character of Jo Yeon Joo, a brilliant prosecutor who is ready to take down the evils.

'One the Woman'
(Photo : SBS)

Actor Lee Sang Yoon will join her in the upcoming SBS series, which is expected to have its premieres broadcast this coming September 17. You can watch it every Friday at 10 pm (KST) and 11:10 p.m on Saturdays.

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Song Hye Kyo - 'Now, We Are Breaking Up'

After three years of hiatus, actress Song Hye Kyo is ready to show her acting skills again in her new drama "Now, We Are Breaking Up" alongside "My Roommate is a Gumiho" star Jang Ki Yong, and is also a rising actor in this generation.

Song Hye Kyo
(Photo : Song Hye Kyo Official Instagram)

The "Now, We Are Breaking Up" will have its much-awaited broadcast after Honey Lee's drama "One the Woman" ended. Few weeks left and the local and international fans are set to witness again Song Hye Kyo's versatile acting on primetime. Her role as a fashion enthusiast also adds excitement to the future viewers.

Song Hye Kyo
(Photo : Song Hye Kyo's Instagram)

This marks Song Hye Kyo's seventh K-dramas to be produced under SBS. Her latest series with SBS was in 2013 with "That Winter, The Wind Blows" along with actor Jo In Sung.

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Kim Nam Gil - 'Those Who Read Hearts of Evil'

His outstanding stint in the 2019 megahit drama "The Fiery Priest" received overwhelming support both from local and overseas fans. And now that the award-winning actor is finally returning with a new drama after three years of break, Kim Nam Gil is set to conquer the SBS primetime with "Those Who Read Hearts of Evil."

Kim Nam Gil
(Photo : News1)

He will be working with "Space Sweepers" actor Jin Sun Kyu and actress Kim So Jin.

Kim Nam Gil is about to play the role of Song Ha Young, the first criminal profiler in Korea who struggles to read the minds of serial killers. This drama is already receiving high expectations from the viewers for it combines crime and mystery genres, which Kim Nam Gil is really good at.

Kim Nam Gil
(Photo : Gil Story Entertainment Instagram)

Like his "The Fiery Priest" co-star Honey Lee, this will be Kim Nam Gil's first-ever K-drama after three years!

"Those Who Read Hearts of Evil" will have its world premiere right after Song Hye Kyo's drama "Now, We Are Breaking Up" ends.

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