MBC’s ‘The Red Sleeve Cuff’ Announces Release Date + 2PM’s Junho ‘Happy’ to Work with Lee Se Young

The Red Sleeve Cuff
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The Red Sleeve Cuff Script Reading
The Red Sleeve Cuff Release Date
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(Photo : MBC Drama Official Instagram)

MBC entices fans with new updates and behind-the-scenes photos during "The Red Sleeve Cuff" script reading.

Over the broadcast network's official Instagram, the historical fantasy drama featured lead stars 2PM's Junho, Lee Se Young, and Kang Hoon as they show off their unique chemistry for the upcoming projects.

MBC Share 'The Red Sleeve Cuff' Script Reading Photos

Apart from the trio, "The Red Sleeve Cuff" cast includes Lee Deok Hwa, Jang Hee Jin, Park Ji Young, Jang Hye Jin, Seo Hyo Rim, and more joined the first table read alongside director Jung Ji In and scriptwriter Jung Hae Ri.

In the photos, cast members immersed themselves into their respective characters flaunting their impressive acting skills.

The Red Sleeve Cuff
(Photo : MBC Drama Official Instagram)
The Red Sleeve Cuff
(Photo : MBC Drama Official Instagram)
The Red Sleeve Cuff
(Photo : MBC Drama Official Instagram)

The 31-year-old singer-actor took on the role of Crown Prince Yi San, who later on became King Jeongjo, while Lee Se Young portrays the stunning court lady.

2PM's Junho and Lee Se Young Reveals their Thoughts on their New Team Up

At the script reading, the lead stars revealed their insights about the upcoming series.

Moreover, this is the first time that the two starred in the same project but managed to show off their unique chemistry.

Junho, whose real name is Lee Jun Ho, admits that he is looking forward to work with the actress.

In addition, the Kpop star says that "The Red Sleeve Cuff" has a different approach to historical drama.

"Lee Se Young is an actress I wanted to meet through a project one day, so I'm happy to work with her like this," he revealed, adding, "I think this drama has a different, special, and novel charm compared to the original work. Please love it a lot."

The same goes for the 28-year-old star, who also showed her excitement towards her role.

"I really enjoyed the script and the original work. I prepared for this project while hoping to portray Deok Im beyond how she is portrayed within the original work. I'm anticipating that we'll be able to showcase fantastic teamwork."

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'Red Sleeve Cuff' Release Date

Following the behind-the-scenes during its first script reading, MBC also announced the much-awaited premiere of the drama.

"Red Sleeve Cuff" release date is slated on November 5 and will be the newest Friday and Saturday night drama.

It follows the love story of two individuals who lived with different statuses.

Set in the 18th century, the historical drama features King Jeongjo's forbidden romance with the royal concubine Uibin Sung.

Lee Junho - The Red Sleeve Cuff Stills
(Photo : News1)
The Red Sleeve Cuff
(Photo : OSEN News)

In the drama, the royal insists the court lady live as his concubine, but she refuses and is eager to live freely.

The teaser raises the curiosity regarding King Jeongjo and the court lady's heart fluttering romance and intriguing scenes that would rock the dynasty.

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