‘The Veil’ Director Reveals Why the K-Drama Keeps on Receiving Good Reviews + Shares How Namgoong Min Exceeds His Expectations

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Namgoong Min The Veil
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MBC The Veil cast
(Photo : Namgoong Min Official Instagram)

The newest Friday-Saturday MBC Kdrama The Veil was off to a good start! As the K-Drama continues to receive favorable reviews, director Kim Sung Yong shared his thoughts about his new masterpiece.

Kdrama The Veil Exceeds Viewers' Expectations, Receives Favorable Reviews During Premiere Week

In a recent interview by OSEN on September 20 with Kdrama The Veil director, the brilliant head revealed he was still overwhelmed by the amount of support the series is getting. With an average viewership ratings of 12.2 percent during The Veil episode 1, director Kim Sung Yong didn't hesitate to tell the public more about the new drama.

Namgoong Min in 'The Veil'
(Photo : MBC Instagram)
Namgoong Min The Veil

MBC Kdrama The Veil premiered last September 17, a Friday-Saturday series.

First, Kim Sung Yong thanked the viewers for their enthusiastic response to the first two episodes of the drama. 

Why is Director Kim Sung Yong Confident in Releasing the Kdrama The Veil?

The director followed his statement by expressing the reason why he was confident even before presenting the work.

According to him, "Even before 'The Veil's' release, I was already confident about the quality of it. Dramas and movies dealing with intelligence agencies in various countries are already being consumed through OTT platforms." 

Namgoong Min The Veil
(Photo : MBC Official Instagram)
Namgoong Min The Veil

He continued, "Considering Korea's geopolitical position and military specificity, there's no country like Korea where intelligence agencies are important. This situation has not been found on the small screen these days. So, while continuing the tradition of Korean intelligence, I wanted to present a drama that fits the eyes of the viewers. With that in mind, I was confident that it would definitely be a hit to the viewers."

The Veil
(Photo : MBC Drama Official Instagram Official Instagram)
Namgoong Min The Veil

Kim Sung Yong shared a little spoiler for next week's broadcast by revealing that a more detailed story is about to unfold that the audience will surely like. 

How The Veil Actor Namgoong Nim Wows Kim Sung Yong

Meanwhile, the project will never be complete without its talented cast. Kim Sung Yong confessed that Namgoong Min, who is the main protagonist, exceeds his expectations. 

The Veil
(Photo : MBC Drama Official Instagram)
Namgoong Min The Veil

He said, "In line with the formula 'Trustworthy Actor' Namgoong Min perfectly embodied Han Ji Hyuk's confused and sharp characteristics. He showed overwhelming abilities which I already expected from him, but it was way better than what I expected. He surprised me with his powerful skills from body transformation to his dedication at work."

Kim Sung Yong also praised the female stars Park Ha Sun, Kim Ji Eun, and Jang Young Nam for their outstanding performances. 

The Veil
(Photo : MBC Official Instagram)
Kdrama The Veil cast

From its concept to excellent casting, Kdrama The Veil is indeed receiving the right amount of recognition from the viewers. Director Kim Sung Yong revealed that as the story progresses, there will be more secrets to unfold about Han Ji Hyuk. 

Have you seen the new MBC Kdrama The Veil? How is it so far? Share it with us in the comments!

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Written by Shai Collins.

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