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Squid Game, starring Lee Jung Jae, Park Hae Soo, Jung Ho Yeon and more, is dominating not just the Hallyu industry but also worldwide with the drama's global popularity. 

With almost a week since its premiere, the Hwang Dong Hyuk directed series gained numerous achievements, including being the first Korean drama to land the number one spot in Netflix U.S. 

Moreover, the nine-episode series ranked first in "Today's Top 10" in 40 countries worldwide.

The mega-hit Kdrama Squid Game featured the 456 cash trapped participants who joined the survival game in hopes of taking home the staggering 40 million USD. 

Interestingly, the contestant needs to battle out against each other and undergo a series of death-defying take on children's games; however, only one will be declared as the winner. 

With the immense fame of the K-drama, let's get to know the Squid Game cast, starting with their Instagram!

Jung Ho Yeon 

Official Instagram: @hoooooyeony

Jung Ho Yeon
(Photo : Jung Ho Yeon's Instagram)

The 27-year-old South Korean beauty gained overnight fame after starring as Kang Sae Byeok in Kdrama Squid Game.

Bearing No. 067, the model-turned-actress wowed the viewers with her impressive acting skills, illustrating a tough yet affectionate character. 

Due to the overwhelming support of fans, Jung Ho Yeon's Instagram followers started from 400,000 and immediately climbed to millions raking 2.3 as of this writing. 

Wi Ha Joon

Official Instagram: @wi__wi__wi

Wi Ha Joon
(Photo : Wi Ha Joon Official Instagram)

Another Squid Game cast that skyrocketed his fame due to the K-series is none other than Wi ha Joon. 

Fans might recognize the 30-year-old actor as he appeared in several dramas donning supporting roles, including Something in the Rain and 18 Again.

However, his claim to fame was the thriller series where he played police officer Hwang Joon Ho. 

Kdrama Squid Game fans can catch the actor through his social media as he often shares a glimpse of his current and upcoming shows. 

Wi Ha Joon's Instagram currently has 1.1 million followers and counting. 

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Lee Yoo Mi

Official Instagram: @leeyoum262

Lee Yoo Mi and Jung Ho Yeon
(Photo : Lee Yoo Mi's Instagram)

Squid Game cast definitely gained a ton of followers due to the Netflix series. Apart from the duo, another cast member who has rapidly increased her following is Lee Yoo Mi, who played Ji Young, a.k.a player no. 240. 

Although the actress had a brief appearance in the Kdrama, she received huge love from viewers and reportedly gained six times more followers on Instagram. 

From 40,000, Lee Yoo Mi's Instagram has amassed 772,000 followers as of this writing. 

Her recent posts featured behind-the-scenes with fellow Squid Game actors, including Jung Ho Yeon, Anupam Tripathi, and Kim Joo Ryung. 

Anupam Tripathi 

Official Instagram:@sangipaiya

Squid Game Anupam Tripathi
(Photo : Anupam Tripathi Official Instagram)

The dystopian survival game also featured the Indian-born Anupam Tripathi. 

He took on the role of no. 199 player, Ali Abdul, the character who stole the hearts of viewers due to his strength and kindness despite being betrayed by a friend. 

Anupam Tripathi's Instagram now has 187,000 followers and randomly posts his experience on the set of Squid Game. In one post, he mentioned how thankful he is to be part of the Netflix series. 

​​"It feels like a dream. No words to express my gratitude to the people all over the world ,who all are loving and blessing Ali and Squid Game. Thank you to all," the caption reads. 

Lee Jung Jun

Official Instagram: @right_jun_

Squid Game Cast Lee Jung Jun
(Photo : Lee Jung Jun Official Instagram)

Despite his short stint in the Kdrama, Squid Game cast Lee Jung Jun, also known as the cutie administrator who was killed after removing his mask, has been getting a lot of attention from fans.

Due to his charming face, viewers went crazy and immediately searched highs and lows only to find his social media account. 

As of this writing, Lee Jung Jun's Instagram has 218,000 followers, and he is set to appear in "Best Mistake Season 3," led by Kang Yul and Lee Eun Jae

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