‘Gentleman and Lady’ Director Shin Chang Suk Talks About the New Family Drama + Ji Hyun Woo, Lee Se Hee, and More Express Excitement

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KBS2's forthcoming family drama "Gentleman and Lady" held an online press presentation a day before its much-awaited premiere.

The online production presentation was attended by the drama director Shin Chang Seok, along with main actors Ji Hyun Woo, Lee Se Hee, Kang Eun Tak, Park Ha Na, Ahn Woo Yeon, and Yoon Jin Yi.

'Gentleman and Lady' Director Shin Chang Seok Talks About the New Drama

On September 24, in an online presentation, "Gentleman and Lady," director Shin Chang Seok talked about his new masterpiece, "Gentleman and Lady."

The director described the new drama as "an unstoppable drama that will provide comfort and fun during the quarantine".

'Gentleman and Lady'
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"The drama is filled with moments that will make its viewers laugh as well as emotional conflicts that are intertwined with each character's stories," he added.

Director Shin also shared his working experience with writer Kim Sa Kyung, jokingly saying, "The only problem I had with writer Kim was his perfection. He writes so beautifully."

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When asked about the drama's ratings, he said, "In my mind, it will receive great feedback, but it's hard to reveal everything," he added, "Being happy with the drama and being safe in the comforts of our homes are more important than ratings."

Ji Hyun Woo, Lee Se Hee, and More Express Excitement About the Drama

Ji Hyun Woo, who is about to return to the small screen, said, "I'm glad to be back, especially with a KBS drama. It feels like I'm back in my hometown."

'Gentleman and Lady'
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The actor also expressed his gratitude to his co-stars, "Working with you all is a great honor. Because of my great colleagues, I think I will be able to show many different sides I haven't shown before."

Lee Se Hee, who was selected as the female lead through a 500:1 audition competition ratio, shared her delight, "Although I auditioned for the role of Dan Dan's cousin, the director and writer still chose me. I thought it was my birthday, when I found out."

On the other hand, Park Ha Na described her co-stars and production team as "family". She said, "The drama is a masterpiece of a collaboration of veteran and experienced actors, so I think everyone will be able to watch it with a happy heart."

'Gentleman and Lady'
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Opposite Kang Eun Tak who said, "It's my first time working together with Park Ha Na after seven years. I want to show my improved skills and abilities, as well as chemistry with Ha Na, through this drama."

Meanwhile, Ahn Woo Yeon and Yoon Jin Yi hinted at their intense chemistry in the new drama.

Ahn Woo Yeon talked about his partner, "She is a woman with a great personality. We are same-age friends, so it was very comfortable acting with her. I think my chemistry with Jin Yiis amazing."

'Gentleman and Lady'
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The actress shared her thoughts with a laugh, "It's my first time to act physically with an actor of the opposite sex like this. I was surprised because it's a family drama, I think the production cut off a lot of scenes."

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Finally, director Shin concluded, "The drama will lead the revival of KBS weekend dramas through the cast and crew's amazingly strong teamwork and chemistry."

K-Drama 'Gentleman and Lady' Release Date

"Gentleman and Lady" is a masterpiece that depicts the tumultuous story of a gentleman with a huge responsibility for his choices while seeking happiness who meets a charming young lady in the way.

It is slated to air for the first time on Saturday, September 25, at 7:55 p.m. KST on KBS2.

Check out the fun-filled teaser of "Gentleman and Lady" here:

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