‘Gentleman and Lady’ Shares New Stills Featuring Ahn Woo Yeon and Yoon Jin Yi’s Overflowing Charisma + Share Excitement About Working With Ji Hyun Woo and Lee Se Hee

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Broadcast company's newest romance comedy-drama series "Gentleman and Lady" released new stills on September 14.

The stills featured the overflowing charisma and sensuous appeal of "Strong Woman Do Bong Soon" actor Ahn Woo Yeon and "It's Okay, That's Love" actress Yoon Jin Yi, who strengthened the drama with their acting performance.

"Gentleman and Lady" follows the story of a hot widower Lee Young Guk who falls for the live-in charming tutor of his three children Park Dan Dan, played by Ji Hyun Woo and Lee Se Hee respectively.

Ahn Woo Yeon and Yoon Jin Yi Fall in Love With Each Other in 'Gentleman and Lady'

"Strong Woman Do Bong Soon" actor is set to return to the small screen with a supporting role after appearing in the MBC romance comedy "Check The Event" with Girl's Day Minah and Kwon Hwa Woon.

'Gentleman and Lady'
(Photo : KBS)

In the new drama, the actor takes on the role of the good-looking older brother of Park Dan Dan, Park Dae Beom. Aside from his beautiful face, he also possesses excellent physical abilities.

Despite his playful personality and endless bickering with his sister, he has a warm and kind heart.

On the other hand, "It's Okay, That's Love" actress Yoon Jin Yi takes on the role of Lee Young Guk's younger sister, Lee Se Ryeon, who grew up in a wealthy and pampered environment, which is the sole reason behind her cheerful and a bit catty personality.

'Gentleman and Lady'
(Photo : KBS)

Interestingly, Lee Se Ryeon falls in love with Park Dae Bom at first sight, which raises expectations and curiosity as to how the two characters meet.

Ahn Woo Yeon and Yoon Jin Yi Share Honest Thoughts on Their New Acting Roles

Ahn Woo Yeon and Yoon Jin Yi, who are set to return to the small screen, shared their thoughts and honest opinions on their new acting roles, as well as their new drama with Ji Hyun Woo and Lee Se Hee.

'Gentleman and Lady'
(Photo : KBS)

The "Don't Dare to Dream" actor shared his reasons for choosing "Gentleman and Lady" as his new project. He said, "The drama has such a nice script and storyline, which was appealing to me. It is also easy to understand. Also, I am very much delighted to be working with screenwriter Kim Sa Kyung, director Shin Chang Seok, Ji Hyun Woo, and Lee Se Hee."

He described his character as "a person who can express himself in many ways". He added, "He is attractive not because of his physical appearance but because he is a person with a good personality."

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On the other hand, "My Only One" actress said, "I knew I had to do the project as soon as I finished reading the script. It depicts the different kinds of love, which was touching."

Yoon Jin Yi shared her thoughts on her new character, "Lee Se Ryeon is a daughter who comes from an elite family. Despite her sheltered life, she is a pure character who will do anything to express her love for the one she likes."

'Gentleman and Lady'
(Photo : KBS)

The two actors analyzed their characters with depth and careful thinking, which heightened the anticipation and excitement towards the drama.

Ahn Woo Yeon and Yoon Jin Yi Lists Down Three Words to Describe Their Characters

The actor chose "puppy," "manly," and "stage gun" as words that perfectly describe Park Dae Beom.

According to him, "Park Dae Beom is a puppy-like friend who does anything with passion and effort."

'Gentleman and Lady'
(Photo : KBS)

He also shared his similarity to Park Dae Beom, which amplifies the expectations on his synchronicity with his character. He said, "Park Dae Beom and I have a good relationship with our mothers, and this makes me more comfortable when acting."

'Gentleman and Lady'
(Photo : KBS)

Meanwhile, the actress selected "love," "sunflower," and "assurance" as keywords that best express her character. She said, "Everytime I synchronize with my character, the only thing I can think of is "She's very wonderful". Personally, Lee Se Ryeon is a bold and independent woman, and she is the closest person to the cool woman I wanted to become."

'Gentleman and Lady' Pre-Production and Further Details

'Gentleman and Lady'
(Photo : KBS)

Kim Sa Kyung and Shin Chang Seok's new masterpiece "Gentleman and Lady" is KBS2's newest romance comedy-drama that will take the Saturday and Sunday drama time slot.

Actors Kang Eun Tak, Park Ha Na, Lee Jogn Won, and Oh Hyung Kyung are also part of the series.

It is set to air for the first time on September 25 at 7:55 p.m. KST on KBS2.

"Gentleman and Lady" will also be available for international streaming through Viu.

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